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The American Smoketree — In Protection of Vegetation

I’m a sucker for smoketrees (Cotinus spp.). These members of the cashew household (Anacardiaceae) are a standard sight round my city and actually placed on a stunning present from late spring by way of fall. After I lastly acquired round to placing a reputation to those timber, I used to be slightly bit bummed to appreciate that all the specimens on the town are representatives of the Eurasian species, Cotinus coggygria, nevertheless it didn’t take me lengthy to search out out that North America has it’s personal fascinating consultant of the genus.

The American smoketree (Cotinus obovatus) is just not terribly frequent within the wild or cultivation. Right this moment, it reveals a suffuse distribution by way of components of southern North America, with disjunct populations occurring alongside the Ozark Plateau of Arkansas and Missouri, the Arkansas River in japanese Oklahoma, the Cumberland Plateau in northeastern Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, and the Edwards Plateau in west-central Texas. The most important habitat characteristic that unites these populations is soil. All of them are stated to develop on rocky, calcareous soils susceptible to drought.



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