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The best way to fertilizer Amaranth Greens?

Natural Manure are required within the soil for optimum progress of Amaranth Greens. Vegetation require each micro and macro vitamins to get good yields and greatest manure will probably be Vermicompost.

Vermicompost is a extremely nutrient natural fertilizer and it promotes the expansion of the vegetation to a larger extent. This compost is a nature pleasant, non-toxic and greatest natural fertilizer for residence gardening and natural farming.

In comparison with different natural fertilizer like cow dung compost and poultry compost, vermicompost is essentially the most highly effective fertilizer and it has excessive stage of residing micro-​organisms which are required for optimum progress of the vegetation.

For Dwelling Gardening, apply 100 grams of vermicompost for each develop luggage and for fruiting bushes we have to apply 250 grams of vermicompost per tree.

This manure will restore the fertility of the soil. It would additionally improve the water holding capability of the soil and add important vitamins resembling Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Nutritional vitamins and proteins for the soil.



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