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The Bonsai of David Benavente– Rock Light

There’s absolutely nothing rather like bark to provide an aged feeling to a bonsai. You can make a tree look a great deal older than it is with a couple of convenient methods if you’re knowledgeable sufficient. You can not develop old bark.

As you can see this Japanese white ache comes from David Benavente, among Europe’s finest understand bonsai musicians. All of today’s bonsai are by David.

An additional muscle white ache. If both of these trees are white pines implanted onto Japanese black ache supply, I question. This is relatively usual method. Specifically in Japan where both varieties are indigenous.

You can see where David purposefully damaged the trunk to develop rate of interest. The rebar will certainly hold it in its brand-new setting till it recovers.

Prior To. Currently it’s clear why he damaged it.

Complete waterfall Scot’s ache.

It’s nearly that time of year. Below’s David subtitle: Rhododendron indicum “Shin Nikko” hoy, en plena floración (today in complete flower). 45x55cm (18″ x 21.5″).

An olive. There was no subtitle with the initial, yet I assume it represents itself.

Reptile on a European olive. Is it the exact same tree?

David’s splendid bonsai yard at simply the ideal minute.

Autumn shade. I’m constantly excited with just how well arranged as well as cool David’s baby room looks. And after that there are those amazing trees.



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