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The place to Plant Crape Myrtle for Optimum Development

Many individuals love crape myrtles on account of their clean, multicolored bark and vibrant clusters of flowers. In case you’d wish to develop considered one of these vegetation your self, figuring out the place to plant them is vital. On this information I’ll share my expertise of the place to plant crape myrtle vegetation to allow them to thrive.

Where to Plant Crape Myrtle for Optimal Growth

About Crape Myrtles

About Crape Myrtles

Crape myrtle, often known as crepe myrtle, is a gaggle of vegetation within the Lagerstroemia genus. The vegetation are native to components of Southeast Asia, Australia, and islands within the Indian Ocean.

These vegetation produce many clusters of colourful flowers in the summertime. In addition they present year-round attraction on account of their clean bark that peels off to disclose a number of colours.

There are about 50 totally different species of crape myrtles and lots of extra varieties. These species vary from shrubs which can be a number of ft tall to bushes which can be over 50 ft tall.

What Hardiness Zones Are Appropriate for Crape Myrtles?

What Hardiness Zones Are Suitable for Crape Myrtles?

Since crape myrtles are native to Southeast Asia and Australia, it’s unsurprising that they like heat climate. Nonetheless, simply how a lot chilly can crape myrtles tolerate?

Whereas the precise chilly hardiness will depend on the range, most crape myrtles can tolerate temperatures right down to 0°F. Some extraordinarily chilly hardy varieties may even tolerate temperatures as little as -10°F!

So, what hardiness zones are you able to plant crape myrtles? All crape myrtles can survive in USDA hardiness zones 7–9, and a few can thrive in zone 6.

Which means that you could plant crape myrtles all through the vast majority of the South in addition to components of the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, and Pacific Northwest.

Choosing a Website for Crape Myrtles

Selecting a Site for Crape Myrtles

When you’ve decided that crape myrtles can survive in your space, you have to choose the correct web site. To do that, it’s best to take a look at components together with daylight, soil sort, drainage, and proximity to buildings and different vegetation.

How A lot Solar Do Crape Myrtles Want?

Crape myrtles are sun-loving vegetation that require full solar to thrive. Which means it’s best to plant them in a location that receives no less than six hours of direct gentle day by day.

These vegetation can tolerate a number of hours of shade however is not going to thrive in full shade. In case your crape myrtle doesn’t obtain sufficient gentle, it could change into stunted or fail to supply flowers.

What Kind of Soil Is Greatest for Crape Myrtles?

One other important issue to think about is soil sort.

Crape myrtles want well-draining, barely acidic soil. This implies the soil pH needs to be between 5.5–6.5.

So far as texture goes, crape myrtles aren’t tremendous explicit. They will thrive in soils which can be excessive in clay in addition to sandy soils.

Nonetheless, it’s best to pay attention to the drainage of the soil. Whereas crape myrtles want constantly moist soil, they don’t do effectively in moist soil.

If you have to improve the soil’s drainage, you’ll be able to combine in some sand or well-aged compost. 

For extra, see our in-depth information on methods to amend the soil

Planting Crape Myrtles Close to Buildings

Planting Crape Myrtles Near Buildings

Earlier than you plant your crape myrtle, it’s best to pay attention to its mature dimension. Some crape myrtles will solely develop a number of ft tall, whereas others can develop over 50 ft tall.

Which means you have to know what number of crape myrtle you’re planting earlier than selecting a location for it. Notice the plant’s mature dimension and guarantee it has room to broaden with out rising into close by buildings, powerlines, and different constructions.

Whilst you ought to make sure that crape myrtles have room to broaden, be aware that the vegetation wouldn’t have invasive roots. That’s why individuals typically plant them alongside sidewalks.

Places NOT to Plant Crape Myrtles:

Locations NOT to Plant Crape Myrtles:

In my expertise, crape myrtles are typically hardy and adaptable, however there are particular areas the place they might not thrive or might expertise issues. Listed here are among the worst areas to plant a crape myrtle:

  1. Moist or poorly drained soil: Crape myrtles thrive greatest in well-draining soil and might undergo from root rot in continuously moist or poorly drained soil.
  2. Places with excessive humidity: Whereas crape myrtles are comparatively drought-tolerant, they are often inclined to fungal ailments in areas with excessive humidity.
  3. Places with heavy shade: Crape myrtles want full solar and won’t flower effectively if planted in an space with minimal daylight all through the day. 
  4. Extraordinarily chilly or sizzling climates: Crape myrtles are hardy in USDA zones 7-9 and will not survive in areas with extraordinarily chilly or sizzling temperatures exterior of this vary.
  5. Areas with robust winds: Crape myrtles have brittle wooden and will undergo harm from robust winds or storms in the event that they’re notably uncovered. Some shelter is unquestionably beneficial. 

Incessantly Requested Questions:

Can Crape Myrtle Develop in Full Shade?

No, crape myrtle vegetation is not going to develop effectively in full shade. They want no less than six hours of direct gentle every day so as to thrive.

What Is the Greatest Place to Plant Crape Myrtle?

Select a location with full solar, well-draining soil, and room for the plant to develop. Moreover, make sure you dwell in USDA hardiness zone 6–9 earlier than you plant a crape myrtle.

What Kind of Soil Do Crape Myrtles Favor?

Crape myrtle vegetation want well-draining soil that continues to be moist however not moist. They aren’t explicit about soil sort and might develop effectively in soils which can be heavy in sand, silt, or clay.

When is the very best time to plant crape myrtle?

The perfect time to plant crape myrtle is within the late fall or early spring when the climate is cool, and the tree is dormant.

How a lot area ought to I depart between crape myrtle bushes?

Crape myrtle bushes needs to be planted no less than 10-15 ft aside to permit for correct air circulation and progress.

Can crape myrtles be planted in pots?

Sure, crape myrtles will be planted in pots, however from my expertise, they’ll require extra frequent watering and fertilization to thrive.

Do crape myrtles want pruning?

Crape myrtles don’t essentially want heavy pruning, however some common pruning can assist promote a wholesome and enticing form. Prune crape myrtles in late winter or early spring earlier than new progress seems.

How do I look after my crape myrtle tree?

To care in your crape myrtle tree, guarantee it will get sufficient daylight and water, fertilize it repeatedly, and prune it as wanted. Mulching across the tree’s base may also assist retain moisture and hold weeds at bay.

Wrapping Up

Crape myrtles could make lovely additions to gardens and landscapes in USDA hardiness zones 6–9. Select a location that receives no less than six hours of solar every day to maintain your plant blissful.

For extra, see our in-depth guides to crape myrle deer resistance and whether or not crape myrtles are poisonous to people and animals.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at dwelling.



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