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The Therapeutic Hues of Yarrow: A Complete Information to Its Symbolism

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a herb steeped in legend and symbolism, but it surely’s additionally a priceless a part of any dry panorama on account of its reputation with pollinators. This wildflower could also be native to Europe, but it surely has unfold far and vast right this moment. Right here I’ll take you thru every little thing you must learn about Yarrow’s which means within the language of flowers.

Ultimate Guide to Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow Symbolism – Key Takeaways

Yarrow is a phenomenal flower that shares twin meanings of therapeutic and love. Within the language of flowers, Yarrow’s symbolic which means is historically related to therapeutic, originating from Historic Greek mythology. The Yarrow plant can also be used for divination in Chinese language tradition.

Etymological That means

The right identify Achillea is taken from Achilles, the Historic Greek hero who was immortal and invulnerable apart from his heel. This identify was linked to the hero’s delusion as a result of plant’s repute for accelerating wound therapeutic and the story that he utilized to the troopers injured on the Battle of Troy. 

The second a part of the correct identify, millefolium, refers back to the finely divided leaves that seem to have 1000’s of particular person segments.

Yarrow That means & Symbolism

Bright pink yarrow flowers in bloom

The yarrow flower shares twin meanings of therapeutic and love. Within the language of flowers, Yarrow’s symbolic which means is historically related to therapeutic, originating from Historic Greek mythology.

The symbolism behind the Yarrow flower has many layers, starting from centuries of historic use to the colours of the flowers.

Widespread Yarrow Colours and the That means & Symbolism

  • White: Renewal, peace, purity, new beginnings, hope, and readability.
  • Pink: Love, happiness, pleasure, youthfulness, and enjoyable.
  • Crimson: Ardour, romance, braveness, energy, and power.
  • Yellow: Friendship, heat, pleasure, celebration, and positivity.
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, recent begins, appreciation, gratitude, and friendship.

The Cultural Significance of Yarrow

Yarrow has performed a medicinal or symbolic function in a number of cultures over the previous couple of thousand years. From Historic Greece to Chinese language religions and Victorian flower messages, it performs many roles all through the world’s cultures.

Yarrow in Greek Mythology

An ancient Greek statue

In Historic Greece, the Yarrow plant was strongly related to the Trojan hero Achilles. The plant’s Latin identify and its genus are derived from the hero’s identify. It’s because the herb was added to the water wherein he was dipped which gave him invulnerability. 

Later throughout the Trojan Conflict, Achilles additionally used the herb to heal the injuries of his troopers. As a vital a part of the Illiad, this herb grew to become part of different dramatic tales and poems from the Greek tradition as time handed. This additionally led to its unfold all through Europe and Asia the place it wasn’t beforehand discovered as Greeks traded with different cultures.

Yarrow in Chinese language Tradition

Yarrow performs an important function in Chinese language conventional medication and the divination practices often known as I-Ching. Identified in Mandarin as Ya Luo, this herb is advisable for supporting lung and kidney well being. 

As a part of the Taoist custom, 50 dried stalks of Yarrow flowers are tossed, and the patterns are learn as divination. It was stated to develop across the grave of Confucius, the founding father of the Confucian faith.

Yarrow in Fable, Folklore, and Witchcraft

Red yarrow flowers in bloom

Throughout the Medieval interval, the place witchcraft was a serious concern to the Church, Yarrow gained a repute for with the ability to drive away the satan. It grew to become part of many complicated Christian exorcism rituals used to ship away demons or pressure witches to admit. 

But on the similar time, some sources from the interval additionally record Yarrow as a plant utilized by the witches to summon the satan. This twin which means makes it a fancy a part of the symbolism of European folklore.

Different Symbolic Makes use of of Yarrow

Yarrow additionally developed into a logo of youthful love. Quite a few European cultures the place the plant is native independently concerned the herb in numerous courtship rituals. 

For instance, in England and Eire, younger women would put a plant leaf in a single nostril. In the event that they skilled a nosebleed whereas reciting a rhyme about real love, it might imply that their love was true. The Victorians additionally gave Yarrow a which means of affection and good well being of their flower language.

Appropriate Gifting Events

A vase of fresh cut yarrow flowers

As a result of Yarrow’s robust associations with each therapeutic and romantic love, these flowers are versatile and work for a lot of gifting events. Think about using the fragile blooms instead of Child’s Breath in a romantic association with roses and purple tulips. For somebody who’s ailing and recovering, Yarrow makes a perfect bouquet for wishing good well being.

Wrap Up

Yarrow is a phenomenal plant with a variety of cultural meanings. Including it to a panorama attracts pollinators and provides a refined layer of symbolism.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry faculties in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial crew, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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