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Tradescantia Nanouk: Pretty Pink-Streaked Plant

Are you wanting to include rate of interest to your houseplant collection? Tradescantia “Nanouk” is the plant for you! This stylish plant is a brand-new cultivar that was patented in 2017. Yes, this is a trademarked plant that has actually rapidly acquired appeal for its purplish-pink-streaked fallen leaves and also uncommon development behavior. Tradescantia plants came from South America, nonetheless, this cultivar created in the Netherlands. (Actually, you can review the real license for the plant below)

Tradescantia nanouk births a striking similarity to Tradescantia fluminensis— a lot to ensure that numerous significant providers were offering T. fluminensis as Nanouk. It’s not! Nanouk is a certain trademarked cultivar of Tradescantia albiflora. It’s additionally definitely beautiful in pigmentation and also fallen leave form, which establishes it aside from various other tradescantias. Tradescantia nanouk proliferation is additionally remarkably easy for house usage, which can offer you a limitless supply of these plants as soon as you obtain the moms and dad plant developed.

Great Products At For Expanding Tradescantia Nanouk:

Quick Treatment Overview

Tradescantia nanouk
Tradescantia ‘Nanouk’ is a lovely eco-friendly and also pink marvel.
Usual Name Dream Venice, Nanouk
Taxonomic Name Tradescantia albiflora var. ‘Nanouk’
Family Members Tradescantia
Elevation & & Spread Indeterminate elevation and also spread
Light Indirect sunshine
Dirt Well-draining
Water Modest
Vermin & & Diseases Crawler termites, fungi gnats, fungal conditions, origin rot

Everything About Tradescantia Nanouk

Fantasy Venice in hanging pot
A “Dream Venice” in a hanging pot. Resource: Fernando Sa Rapita

Tradescantia albiflora var. “Nanouk” has a couple of various other typical names such as Nanouk tradescantia, Dream Venice, Wandering Jew, Spiderwort, and also Tradescantia bubblegum. Various other types of tradescantias stem from South America. As stated over, this range was created in the Netherlands and also is defined by its license as “A unique and also brand-new cultivar of Tradescantia plant called ‘Nanouk’, identified by its small and also upright to generally spreading out plant behavior; solid healthy and balanced fallen leaves; light purple, eco-friendly and also greyed-green-colored fallen leaves; and also excellent interiorscape efficiency.”

Tradescantia fluminensis is really comparable in look as it additionally has pink and also eco-friendly variegated vegetation. Tradescantia nanouk is defined as having an extra lively shade, thicker creeping plants, and also extra strenuous development. These plants are seasonal and also will certainly place on development year-round, although their primary expanding period and also the moment when they’re most strenuous is springtime and also summer season. Tradescantia nanouk treatment is modest as it needs particular expanding problems. Light trimming of broken and also dead vegetation is advised and also though feeding is not essential, if you wish to offer your plants an increase after that it’s finest to feed them in springtime and also summer season.

Tradescantia Nanouk Treatment

Closeup of T nanouk leaf shape
A closeup of a T. ‘Nanouk’ fallen leave. When given with the ideal problems,

Tradescantia nanouk is a strenuous cultivator. It is not always a hard plant to take care of however does have a couple of needs that require to be fulfilled for the very best outcomes. Keep reading to learn more about maintaining this stylish plant delighted by giving it with adequate light, well-draining dirt, and also houseplant plant food.

Sunlight and also Temperature Level

Tradescantia nanouk do finest in intense indirect sunshine. It can additionally prosper completely sunlight, though it might not blossom as a lot, if whatsoever. Tradescantia plants require 6-8 hrs of intense indirect light each day for better blossom manufacturing. A bright windowsill will certainly fulfill these requirements, as long as it has intense light. After that the fallen leaves will certainly return to strong eco-friendly rather of the stunning light purple/pink variegated vegetation, if the plants do not obtain sufficient light.

Tradescantia nanouk is winter season durable in USDA areas 10-12 and also can be expanded outdoors in these locations, though it is advised to expand this plant as an interior houseplant. It is a lot easier to preserve optimum expanding problems inside that will certainly award you with pink and also eco-friendly vegetation and also pink buds that will certainly rupture right into little white blossoms. This plant is delicate to both frost/freeze damages and also severe warmth problems. The perfect temperature level array for this plant is in between 55-75 levels Fahrenheit which typically lines up with typical home temperature levels. When grown in potting mix with excellent drain,

Water and also Moisture

Tradescantia nanouk need a modest quantity of water. Make certain to offer your container with a drain opening and also a drip tray to capture any kind of excess water. Identifying the right watering routine will certainly depend upon your home setting and also just how rapidly the dirt dries out. This plant has relatively superficial origins and also consequently it is not advised to lower water this plant. A watering can with a slim spout that can get to via the vegetation to the dirt degree functions finest. Water till at the very least the leading inch of dirt is filled.

Nanouk in front of Monstera
It is very important to maintain the dirt moist, however prevent overwatering as this might create problems with origins creating rot. Wait till the leading 2 inches of dirt is completely dry to prevent fungal infections. It is much better to err on the side of underwatering as opposed to overwatering. This is one more factor to expand this plant inside in order to regulate the quantity of water that it gets. If the setting inside of your house is completely dry,

These houseplants choose a moist setting and also there are numerous means to complete this. A pebble tray is a basic option that can boost the moisture near your plant. Area a layer of little stones in a tray, load the tray with water, and also placed the container with your nanouk on the top. The water will gradually develop some moisture and also vaporize. Plant humidifiers are conveniently offered and also budget-friendly to acquire online. You can additionally organize houseplants with each other considering that the vegetation launches dampness which will certainly develop moisture. A bulkier and also much less visually pleasing choice would certainly be a moisture expand outdoor tents.


T. ‘Nanouk’ before a Monstera plant.

Tradescantia nanouk are really vulnerable to root rot which implies they will certainly do finest in well-draining dirt. A common houseplant combine with some rugged sand and/or orchid bark blended in will certainly suffice. You can include a handful of perlite to boost the drain in or else thick dirt. This plant likes a little acidic dirt in the ph series of 5-6, however it will certainly additionally endure neutral dirt. A little acidic dirt will certainly lead to far more lively vegetation. If you want to acidify your dirt, there will certainly be directions on the back of the plan with a proportion of just how much acidifier you will certainly require to blend right into the dirt.


Tradescantia nanouk treatment is reasonably modest, though it does not need plant food. It is a quick cultivator and also does simply great without it. If you would certainly such as to offer your plant an increase after that a basic all-purpose houseplant plant food thinned down to half toughness is a great choice. Feeding with half the suggested toughness as soon as, or at most two times, a month will certainly be sufficient to expand plants that are healthy and balanced and also delighted. If you would certainly such as to advertise small development,


Trimming is essential for tradescantia nanouk. Alternatively, keep back on trimming if you would certainly such as the nanouk stems to expand high and afterwards tip over and also track down the sides of its container. At some time, you will certainly require to trim back this plant to stop your home from developing into a scene from Jumanji. This additionally provides a possibility to circulate cuttings. In order to trim this plant make a cut simply listed below a fallen leave node and afterwards brand-new development will certainly show up at the website. These plants are really flexible to trimming considering that they expand so rapidly so do not hesitate of sufficing back for bushier development.


Because tradescantia nanouk is a trademarked plant, the majority of them include a tag recommending that proliferation is not permitted. This relates to proliferation that is meant to buy, and also is not indicated for house proliferation– simply do not offer your young plants! Tradescantia nanouk is remarkably very easy to circulate using cuttings. The plant moms and dad will certainly also send airborne origins at the fallen leave nodes when it’s time for you to circulate plants. To circulate tradescantia nanouk stem cuttings, position them in a glass of water and also brand-new origins will certainly develop within a week. When quantifiable origin development shows up after that position them straight right into the dirt. The brand-new plant will certainly develop within a couple of weeks. You might also want to position the cuttings right into the very same pot as the moms and dad plant to assist load it out. A cutting of a Tradescantia nanouk.


Tradescantia nanouk has many needs such as intense indirect light, a container with drain openings, and also uniformly damp, well-drained dirt. This is easy sufficient, however they are additionally vulnerable to many parasites and also conditions and also there are some indications to expect that can inform you to possible problems with your plants.

Expanding Issues

The majority of houseplants are vulnerable to

overwatering and also tradescantia nanouk is no exemption. Container-grown plants can conveniently end up being water logged and also basically enjoyed to fatality. When it is overwatered, tradescantia nanouk is especially vulnerable to root rot. After that reduce back on sprinkling till the leading couple of inches of dirt have actually entirely dried out, if your plant is looking limp and also the dirt appears excessively damp.

These are drought-tolerant plants that prefer to be underwatered than overwatered. They can additionally endure if they go without dampness for also lengthy. Brownish fallen leave ideas show underwatering. When they obtain some dampness, they will certainly recuperate rapidly. When Tradescantia nanouk does not obtain adequate straight light, A typical trouble happens. If the fallen leaves have actually shed their purplish-pink touches and also transformed strong eco-friendly, after that this suggests that they require to be relocated right into a location with even more light, preferably, complete sunlight, to recuperate. Straight sunshine is the fastest means to bring the intense shade of the vegetation back and afterwards the plants can be returned right into intense indirect light. At the very same time, way too much light throughout the best season can possibly create fallen leave swelter, so attempt to restrict the warm straight sunlight. Just like any kind of container-grown plant you intend to see to it that your tradescantia nanouk isn’t outgrowing its pot. If you draw the plant up by the base of the stems and also observe the origins circling the beyond the dirt after that it is most likely that it requires to be hair transplanted right into a larger container. These plants a fairly shallow-rooted so it will certainly take a while for the origins to reach this phase.


Crawler termites

are one of the most typical problem for many interior houseplants and also nanouk tradescantia is no exemption. They choose a cozy, completely dry setting with reduced moisture. A great preventative technique to preventing crawler termites throughout tradescantia nanouk treatment is to maintain the location around your houseplants moist. The initial indications of termites will certainly be small openings in the fallen leaves or little yellow-colored places on the vegetation. You might also observe small internet collections on the fallen leaves. If crawler termites have actually currently shown up, however there is little to no damages to the plant after that they can likely be by hand gotten rid of with a powerful spray of water or cleaning down your plants with a moist fabric. If the problem is extra severe, after that insecticidal soap or natural pesticides consisting of pyrethrins can be reliable at getting rid of all the crawler termites. Overwatering your plants can develop the excellent setting for fungi gnats These gnats can create damages to plants by feeding upon their origins. Fully grown, well-known plants can normally stand up to any kind of damages from the gnats, however more youthful seed startings and also plants are very vulnerable. The gnats will certainly show up at the dirt degree creeping around the base of the plants. A certain Bacillus thuringiensis alternative located in the item Insect Little bits works versus these gnats.

Conditions Overwatering creates the majority of the primary issues for tradescantia nanouk as well as additionally adds to the growth of origin rot, fungal conditions, and also the previously-mentioned gnats. Signs And Symptoms of

fungal infections

Paler pinks on T nanouk
on tradescantia nanouk look like brown places on the fallen leaves. The fallen leaves will certainly shrivel and also at some point decrease. To turn around the results of fungal conditions, get rid of any kind of broken fallen leaves, relocate the plant to a location with boosted air flow, and also allow the container dry prior to sprinkling once more. In even more severe instances a natural fungicide such as copper fungicide

might be related to the vegetation.

The signs of

origin rot

will certainly look like a soft mushy stem, wilting, and also certainly rotten origins. This kind of rot is more difficult to recuperate from however can be corrected if there are still fresh, white origins that have actually not yet relied on mush. Reduce the decomposed origins and also replant the pot right into completely dry dirt.

Often Asked Concerns

T. nanouk has purple or pinkish tones.

Resource: Fernando Sa Rapita

Q: Can I place my Tradescantia nanouk outside?(*) A: They can be put outdoors when evening temperature levels continue to be above 55 levels. It is advised to expand them inside to much better regulate their expanding problems.(*) Q: Why is my Tradescantia nanouk transforming eco-friendly?(*) A: Reduced light will certainly create the fallen leaves to transform eco-friendly. Offer your plant with intense indirect sunshine to preserve the pink and also eco-friendly variegation. (*) Q: Just how do you circulate a nanouk?(*) A: By positioning cuttings in water till origins establish.(*) The Eco-friendly Thumbs Behind This Short Article: (*).



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