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Tree Care and Upkeep – Spine Valley Nursery

Tree Care and Upkeep


-Water your tree religiously for not less than one 12 months utilizing the next pointers, and subsequent years throughout the hottest months or if we expertise excessive warmth or drought circumstances. It might take roughly 1 12 months per inch caliper of the tree for the tree to totally set up. Cautious monitoring of watering throughout this time will guarantee a wholesome tree. 

-On the time of planting the tree must be deeply watered. Two days after planting the tree must be deeply watered once more.  You are able to do this by turning on the hose and laying it contained in the mulch reservoir, about six inches from the trunk, working it at a gentle stream for about thirty minutes. If the reservoir doesn’t replenish evenly, transfer the hose to the opposite facet and repeat watering. If hand-watering, fill the whole reservoir sufficient occasions in order that the whole depth of the foundation ball receives water. In the event you see bubbles, you might be displacing pockets of dry soil and may proceed so as to add water till there aren’t any bubbles. When you have planted a bigger tree, we advocate utilizing a small sprinkler. Be sure you apply sufficient water to saturate the whole root ball, to the underside, and the soil space about one foot past.

-Be sure you are saturating the whole root ball and the soil space as much as on foot past. Be sure you water deeply and DO NOT RELY ON RAIN OR SPRINKLER IRRIGATION! Please be aware that that is only a basic watering guideline. When you have heavy clay soils, it is vitally straightforward to overwater a tree and kill it.

Pointers for Watering Your Tree for the First 12 months- Examine the soil together with your finger to find out if soil has dried down 2″-3″ earlier than watering. These are “pointers” solely. Wind, kind of soil and different circumstances will finally decide frequency of watering. RAIN DOES NOT COUNT!

Temperature Frequency of Watering
90-100 Levels on daily basis
80-90 Levels each different day
50-80 Levels twice per week
Winter as soon as per week

-Clay and different poorly draining soils might not require as frequent watering as indicated above. Overwatering or timber staying too moist could be as damaging as timber being too dry. One of the simplest ways to examine for soil moisture is to dig down beneath the mulch 3 or 4 inches and really feel if the soil is moist. Be sure you examine the foundation ball and the encompassing soil for moisture.


-We advocate an natural program for the long-term well being of your timber. Bushes have to be fertilized every spring and fall with an natural tree and shrub fertilizer reminiscent of Microlife Final 8-4-6. We additionally advocate making use of Microlife Humates Plus twice a 12 months along with fertilization. Don’t use tree fertilizer spikes, as they don’t give a uniform utility of fertilizer.

-1/8” topdressing of premium compost could also be utilized yearly within the spring or fall across the drip line of your tree.

-Chemical fertilizers could also be used if desired. Comply with bundle instructions or ask us for utility recommendation. Don’t apply chemical types of nitrogen to dry soil. Water the day earlier than utility, then water the fertilizer in after making use of to keep away from fertilizer burn of the foundation system.

Be sure you unfold all fertilizers uniformly across the total drip line of the tree. Don’t focus the fertilizer across the trunk or contained in the mulch reservoir. 


Annual reapplication of mulch is really helpful to take care of a 2-3” layer of mulch. We advocate a double grind shredded native hardwood mulch that has been aged for no less than a 12 months. Preserve mulch pulled again 3” to six” from the trunk to keep away from harm to vascular system and forestall bugs and illness from getting into the softened bark.

Weed Management:

-NEVER USE WEED AND FEED TYPE FERTILIZERS OR BROADLEAF HERBICIDES in any areas close to timber, as they may harm tree roots. You might apply pre-emergent herbicides to stop weeds from germinating, as they won’t hurt the tree. Learn all labels earlier than utility and don’t apply to edibles reminiscent of fruit or nut timber.

Staking and Deer Caging:

– It’s the buyer’s duty to maintain the tree staked till rooted effectively. You might take away the staking while you can provide the trunk of the tree a great shake and you don’t see the bottom round it transfer or jiggle in any respect, often after one 12 months. Take away the nursery bamboo stake on the time of planting to keep away from girdling of the stem by inexperienced tye tape.


-When you have deer, you should definitely put a cage round your tree trunk to maintain them from rubbing on the trunks. The “rut” usually runs from about September by means of February in Central Texas.




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