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Trimming a springtime blooming lavender tree

In my collection I have this little fallen leave lavender bonsai ( Syringa microphylla). This tree was located on a neighborhood biowaste disposal system, as well as when I obtained it, it was little bit greater than a little stump. It has actually taken a couple of years to obtain some branches on it, yet 3 years ago I for the very first time had a respectable program of blossoms.

Lilac trunk for bonsai
Lavender trunk for bonsai

Fast-forward as well as I have actually created a bonsai with a pleasing cover as well as lots of blossom buds. With lavender nonetheless, the blossoms expand in collections. They will certainly bewilder the tree as well as all you see is blossoms if you simply allow them expand easily. Consequently I do a couple of points. I wire the tree in loss, as well as trim back branches without blossom buds. In springtime, I wait till the blossom buds are well created, as well as I trim these back, as well as get rid of a lot of the springtime development. By doing this, the blossoms are extra decreased in visibility, yet attract attention.

A couple of advantages for the tree are certainly a boosted quantity of light in the cover, which promotes back budding. The trimming of the expanding suggestions does the very same point. Eliminating component of the blossoms minimizes the power the plant invests on blooming, as well as you obtain much better development in the period complying with.

Lilac bonsai in full flower
Lavender bonsai completely blossom

I have actually recorded the springtime cleaning procedure in a brief video clip. Take pleasure in!



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