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Truth Test: Are Zinnias Actually Deer Resistant?

Zinnias are a few of the hottest backyard flowers as a consequence of their colourful flowers and hardy nature. However can they stand up to deer strain? Stick with us to be taught whether or not or not zinnias are deer resistant.

Fact Check: Are Zinnias Truly Deer Resistant?

Are Zinnias Deer Resistant?

The brief reply is sure; zinnias are deer resistant! Which means you may plant them in your backyard with out worrying about these hoofed animals mowing them down.

Fortuitously, deer dislike all phases of zinnia crops, together with seedlings and mature crops. Due to this fact, you by no means have to fret about defending your zinnia crops from hungry critters.

Different backyard pests, comparable to rabbits and groundhogs, additionally keep away from zinnias. Nonetheless, these critters could feed on zinnia seedlings in the event that they’re tremendous hungry!

Zinnia Fundamentals

Zinnia Basics

Zinnias are a genus of crops within the Aster household. They’re recognized for his or her vibrant, colourful flowers and easy-to-care-for type.

Most zinnia species are annuals, however you may as well discover some perennial ones. All of those flowers want full solar and may tolerate numerous soil varieties and situations.

Most sorts of zinnia flowers develop finest in heat climate, so you must plant them outdoor within the spring or summer season. So long as you proceed to chop the flowers or deadhead previous blooms, you may take pleasure in recent blooms for months on finish.

What Pests Eat Zinnias?

Regardless that zinnias are usually protected from deer and rabbits, they’re inclined to wreck from different pests.

Probably the most frequent pests of zinnias is the Japanese beetle. These invasive pests dine on zinnia leaves and flowers, leaving jagged holes and even destroying total crops.

Sadly, these beetles may be troublesome to regulate. For those who pot them, you may spray the crops with neem oil or a pyrethrin-based insecticide. Proceed to use these merchandise about as soon as every week so as to maintain the beetles at bay.

You may as well apply helpful nematodes within the spring or fall. These microscopic creatures can kill the below-ground larvae and forestall grownup beetles from rising in the summertime.

What Deer-Resistant Crops Go Properly with Zinnias?

What Deer-Resistant Plants Go Well with Zinnias?

Whereas zinnias are stunning on their very own, you might have considered trying a backyard with a number of completely different flowers. And for those who’re coping with heavy deer strain, it’s sensible to plant deer-resistant crops.

The next crops go properly with zinnias and are unappealing to deer.


Certain, we love the snapdragon’s stunning spiked flowers. However deer? They might care much less.

Snapdragons want cooler climate than zinnias, so you may plant them in your backyard when the hazard of the primary frost has handed. By the point the crops are able to flower, you may go forward and plant your zinnias.

So long as temperatures don’t get too sizzling, each crops will proceed to bloom all through the summer season.


Not solely are poppies stunning, however in addition they include the compound opium. Whereas people use this compound to create medicine comparable to morphine, codeine, and heroin, deer keep away from it.

It’s true that frequent poppies and California poppies don’t include as a lot opium because the opium poppy. Nonetheless, they include sufficient of the substance that deer keep away from consuming them.

Each poppies and zinnias develop properly when they’re direct-seeded, which makes them good companions for flowering meadows and wild-looking gardens.


Though you could find a large variation between zinnia flower coloration and texture, all zinnias produce spherical flowers. Including some spiked flowers to your backyard can present a pleasant distinction to those globe-like blooms.

Foxglove crops produce tall flower spikes that home bell-shaped blooms. And whereas these flowers are attractive, deer go away them alone.

These crops are both biennials or perennials, so that you’ll must plan a bit forward when including them to your backyard. Nonetheless, when you plant them in your backyard, you’ll be rewarded with not less than a 12 months of attractive flowers.

Are Zinnias Deer Resistant FAQs:

Do Zinnias Assist Repel Deer?

Whereas deer received’t munch on zinnia crops, they could nonetheless wander into your backyard. That’s as a result of zinnias don’t repel deer.

What Animals Eat Zinnias?

Pests comparable to Japanese beetles, slugs, and aphids can assault and devour zinnias. Nonetheless, these crops are usually protected from deer and rabbits.

What Flowers Do Deer Dislike?

Deer usually dislike zinnias, marigolds, foxglove, daffodils, poppies, and snapdragons.

Wrapping Up

Whereas people love zinnias, deer are inclined to keep away from them. Which means you may plant them in your backyard with out worrying about deer destroying them.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the finest companion crops for Zinnias and the makes use of and advantages of zinnias.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at dwelling.



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