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Ultimate Overview to Rubber Tree Plant kingdom (Ficus elastica)

Whatever You Required to Learn About Rubber Tree Plant Kingdom Consisting Of Beginnings, Meaning, and also How-to-Grow

Rubber tree plants, or Ficus elastica, are low-maintenance and also eye-catching choices for interior plant fans. The tree’s tough and also vivid fallen leaves include a vibrant pop to any kind of interior room, and also it expands big for those seeking a plant that makes a declaration. Listed below, we’ll study whatever from the plant’s beginnings and also background to rubber plant like maintain it pleased and also pest-free for several years ahead.

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Concerning the Rubber Tree Plant

Rubber Tree Plants Origins, History and Scientific Facts

The rubber tree plant is additionally frequently called the rubber plant, India rubber tree, rubber fig, or rubber shrub. Since its sap creates a kind of latex that was when made use of to make rubber, it obtains this name.

Rubber Tree Plant Kingdom Beginnings and also Background

The rubber tree plant is belonging to the eastern areas of south Asia and also southeast Asia. The varieties has actually because come to be naturalized in various other locations also, expanding in Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and also Florida in the USA.

Scientific Truths regarding Rubber Tree Plant Kingdom

The rubber tree plant’s clinical or organic name is Ficus elastica The plant belongs to the banyan team within the fig category, where the name ficus originates from. They belong to various other preferred interior plants like Fiddle Fallen leave Figs ( Ficus lyrata) from the exact same category.

Its plant household is Moraceae, a team of exotic blooming plants with over 1100 varieties. The various rubber tree ranges consist of plants with variegated fallen leaves, red fallen leaves, dwarf variations, and also a lot more. Below are a number of sorts of rubber tree plants:

  • Ficus elastica ‘Robusta’
  • Ficus elastica ‘Decora’
  • Ficus elastica ‘Wine Red’
  • Ficus elastica ‘Melany’
  • Ficus elastica ‘Doescheri’
  • Ficus elastica ‘Tricolor’
  • Ficus elastica ‘Abidjan’
  • Ficus elastica ‘Tineke’
  • Dwarf Ficus elastica

The Most Popular Types of Rubber Tree Plants
Credit Scores: The Sill

Of the ranges discussed over, there are a couple of that are frontrunners in regards to appeal. Below are one of the most preferred sorts of rubber tree plants to expand in the house and also the qualities that establish them apart.

Currently, plant the reducing in damp dirt, and also you have on your own a brand-new mini rubber tree. Maintain its setting damp and also cozy while it works with rooting right into its brand-new environment. When and also Exactly How to Repot

Rubber Tree Plants Pest and Disease Considerations

Rubber Tree Plant Kingdom

  • Credit Scores: Leon & & George
  • Right Here are a couple of ideas for repotting this interior tree efficiently. If its origins begin to jab via its drain opening,
  • Take into consideration repotting your rubber tree plant. If you discover its origins sneaking out in winter months, wait till springtime to repot the plant.
  • Repot your Ficus elastica

in a pot regarding one inch bigger than the previous one.

Common Rubber Tree Plant Problems and how to treat them

Your plant requires repotting in order to expand. With that said claimed, if you choose a smaller sized tree, you can limit its dimension by leaving it in its smaller sized pot.

  • Rubber Tree Plant Kingdom Insect and also Illness Factors To Consider
  • There are a couple of bug and also condition factors to consider to remember when looking after your rubber tree plant. Understanding one of the most usual concerns will certainly aid you ensure your plant remains flourishing and also healthy and balanced. Crawler termites:

A spiderweb-like product suggests crawler termites. Eliminate this plant from various other houseplants and also remove the problem with pesticide.

Rubber Tree Plant Toxicity
Aphids: This insect is drawn in to a rubber tree’s sap. You can spray a blend of water and also recipe soap to get rid of the plant.


These bugs additionally take pleasure in a rubber plant’s sap. You can eliminate them by hand or make use of a cotton sphere took in scrubing alcohol to eliminate them.

Fallen leave places:

  • This might signify southerly affliction or one more fungal problem. Deal with dirt with a fungicide to remove this problem and also attempt.
  • Usual Rubber Tree Plant Troubles and also Exactly How to Deal with Them
  • There are a couple of various other aspects you’ll need to know to preserve optimum rubber tree plant treatment. With a couple of easy actions, your rubber tree plant will certainly be a lovely prime focus in any kind of area.
  • Dirt:
  • Similar to any kind of interior plant, your rubber tree plant will certainly accumulate dirt gradually. It’s an excellent suggestion to clean its fallen leaves carefully with a moist fabric to get rid of the dirt. Not just does this maintain fallen leaves vivid and also shiny, yet it additionally makes sure the plant can access a lot more light.
  • Origin rot:

This usual trouble is a signs and symptom of overwatering. When the dirt is completely dry to stay clear of rot, just water your plant. Carefully reduce away the damaged location and also readjust your watering routine if you discover origin rot.

Rubber Tree Plant Kingdoms Poisoning

Credit Scores: (*) The Sill(*) However, the rubber tree plant is gently hazardous to both human beings and also animals. The plant has a milklike sap in all its components, and also eating it can bring about stomach concerns. (*) In Addition, if this sap is left on the skin, it can create irritability. To prevent this, you can make use of handwear covers when managing your plant.(*) Throughout this overview, we have actually discussed a number of devices and also products you’ll intend to have when caring and also expanding for a rubber tree plant. Below is a recap of the things we have actually covered: (*) Terracotta pot and also dish(*) Houseplant plant food(*) Well-draining dirt(*) Fabric for getting rid of dirt from its fallen leaves(*) Shears for trimming and also proliferating(*) Handwear covers for dealing with the plant(*) Last Ideas(*) The rubber tree plant is an outstanding selection for anybody looking for an exotic interior tree. Its durable and also stunning ranges include shade to your residence without including way too much upkeep to your regimen. Select this as your following plant for a vibrant and also large enhancement to your interior vegetation.(*)



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