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Variegated Coronary heart Leaf Philodendron – Caring & Propagating

Variegated coronary heart leaf philodendrons are uncommon crops which have a novel look in comparison with any frequent philodendron. Their leaves are of two totally different colours due to the dearth of inexperienced pigment chlorophyll in some plant cells. The variegation of the crops happens both genetically or chimerically.

Chimeric variegation is a sort the place the mutation of genetics happens, forming a plant with multiple genotype. It doesn’t make a secure coloration when in comparison with genetic variegation as a result of mutation of the cells.

Genetic variegation is a sort the place the variegation is seen due to the inheritance from the mum or dad plant. It reveals secure coloration as all of the upcoming generations of the mum or dad plant could have comparable traits.

Variegated Heart Leaf Philodendron
Variegated Coronary heart Leaf Philodendron through Reddit

Traits of Variegation Coronary heart Leaf Philodendron


The mature measurement of those crops is seen to be 20 toes excessive of their pure habitat. Nonetheless, beneath low mild circumstances inside a home, they’ll nonetheless develop above 4 toes of peak. It may be pinched to make it bushy and full. Pinch the leaf out from the place the place it’s hooked up to the stem as it’ll develop a brand new stem from that specific place, permitting your plant to develop with a number of stems.


Darkish inexperienced heart-shaped leaves actually seize the guts of their beholders with their magnificence. Attributable to variegation, the darkish inexperienced shade blended with white spots multiplies its magnificence with its good distinction with the unique shade of the foliage.


The leaves of the plant comprise calcium oxalate crystals that are toxic to human beings and pets. Consuming it could be life-threatening, so you need to hold your pets and kids away from these crops. Its signs embrace swelling of the mouth, urge for food lower, and vomiting. You must take your pet to the physician instantly if any of the talked about signs are observed.

Trailing nature

These crops have a trailing nature, as they might climb up your bookshelf or grasp beneath your window relying on the place you place them. If you need your plant to climb, you might want to tie its stems up the pole or something to which you need it to climb. These crops alter themselves at anyplace you want, which makes them fairly user-friendly.

Hardiness zones

The USDA hardiness zone stage of those crops is 9/11. Regardless of being tropical, these crops are dry air tolerant. Seldom misting would hold it resist dry climate effectively; nevertheless, they’ll nonetheless thrive with out water for days.

Tropical habitat

Heartleaf philodendron provides its person a tropical forests vibe due to its darkish inexperienced trailing leaves. Their native areas are Brazil, Mexico, and West Indies, which utterly justifies their tropical habits. They bloom fairly occasionally, however after they do, the fantastic thing about the entire place will get uplifted with its charming imaginative and prescient.

Variegated Heart Leaf Philodendron 2
Variegated Coronary heart Leaf Philodendron through Reddit

Caring Ideas for Variegated Coronary heart Leaf Philodendron


Direct daylight is harmful as it may possibly burn its leaves. It requires oblique, brilliant daylight to thrive at its most tempo. If the leaves are lower than 3 to 4 inches lengthy, you will need to place them at a spot the place extra oblique daylight can attain the attractive heart-shaped leaves. The dimensions and vigorous development of the leaves decide if the optimum stage of sunshine is reaching the plant.


Overwatering of the plant may cause its leaves to show yellow. Be sure that the soil is dry once you water the plant. These crops don’t require a variety of water as they’ve water conservation capacity. Furthermore, utilizing water at a temperature ranging between 60 to 100 levels Fahrenheit as chilly water is usually seen to wreck the roots of the plant.


Peat Moss-based combine soil is beneficial for coronary heart leaf philodendrons. You may enhance the drainage of the soil with the addition of perlite as it may possibly defend the plant from overwatering. African violet potting combine is likely one of the greatest peat moss-based combine soil in your plant to develop wholesome.


Spring and summer season are the expansion season for the philodendrons. Feed the plant with diluted fertilizer as soon as each month in these seasons to spice up development.


Lengthy stems needs to be faraway from the place simply after the leaf node, making certain that it doesn’t harm the node. Pruning helps the plant develop in an everyday form with extra leaves and a number of stems.


Potting needs to be modified each two to a few years to guard the plant from root rots. Repotting should be carried out fastidiously by dropping the potting soil across the plant’s roots and inserting it into the brand new pot with new potting soil.

Pest and Illness Safety

Fungus gnats are the commonest enemies of those crops, as they are often seen crawling on the floor upon shut inspection. Moist potting mixes entice these gnats, so just remember to enable your potting medium to dry out to maintain these black bugs away out of your plant.

Variegated Coronary heart Leaf Philodendron Propagation

Propagation of Heartleaf is just like different philodendrons, however there are suggestions to remember whereas propagating variegated crops to make sure that the mum or dad plant shade is carried by to the longer term era of the plant. Following are the steps to propagate a variegated coronary heart leaf correctly

  • Select the stem with essentially the most variegated leaves of your plant.
  • Lower the stem 3 to 4 inches with a minimum of 3 leaves hooked up to it with the nodes undamaged.
  • Plant them in moist soil with a minimum of one node beneath the soil.
  • As soon as the brand new root system is established, the brand new roots will develop from the node beneath the soil.


Variegated coronary heart leaf philodendrons are uncommon as only one in 10,000 crops are variegated by mutations. These crops are simple to look after, however their distinctive foliage and uncommon incidence make them some of the demanded crops on the earth. Propagating these crops additionally has a really low likelihood of manufacturing one other variegated model, making it some of the fascinating crops for all plant lovers across the globe.



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