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Watering Watermelon Peperomia: My High Ideas

I’ve at all times admired watermelon peperomia crops. Perhaps I really like how their cute striped leaves remind me of one among my favourite summertime treats, or maybe I couldn’t steer clear of their compact type. Regardless of the case, I used to be excited to deliver one among these crops residence. On this information, I’ll run via all the things I’ve realized about watering watermelon peperomia crops accurately. 

Watering Watermelon Peperomia: My Top Tips

Don’t Stress About Water Sort

Firstly, I’ve at all times watered my watermelon peperomia crops with faucet water, and I’ve by no means observed any points. Plus, I’ve moved my plant between two homes with completely different water programs. Each of those municipal water sources saved my plant pleased.

That’s to not say your watermelon peperomia received’t recognize filtered or distilled water. However, don’t really feel like it is advisable undergo further hassle to offer your plant with this kind of water.

When and Find out how to Water

I’ve discovered that listening to components just like the soil, plant foliage, and seasons helps to find out when and the way to water.

Take Notice of the Seasons

It’s simple to fall right into a watering schedule and stick there—particularly when you’ve discovered a schedule that retains your plant pleased. The difficulty is that your watermelon peperomia’s watering wants change with the seasons.

Whereas your crops could also be pleased with you watering each Sunday in the summertime, this may most likely be an excessive amount of water within the winter. Relatively than following a strict watering schedule, take note of components resembling soil moisture and wilting leaves. That’s to not say you may’t use a schedule as a information, however be prepared to change it with modifications in seasons.

Pay Consideration to the Foliage

Taking note of the watermelon peperomia’s striped leaves is one of the simplest ways to inform when to water the crops. After I’ve gone off of the soil moisture degree, I discover that I both underwater or overwater my crops. 

So, how do you utilize the leaves as a information? When you’ve got one among these crops, you already know their leaves are sometimes inflexible and kind of plump. Nonetheless, leaves start to go limp after they don’t have entry to sufficient water. The bottom line is to water as quickly as you discover the leaves are just a bit bit wilted.

If you happen to wait to water till the leaves are absolutely wilted, you’re not appearing rapidly sufficient. Whereas these wilted leaves could bounce again, your plant will expertise pointless stress. And watering earlier than crops go limp results in overwatered crops.

Water Completely

Water Thoroughly

I’ve realized that totally soaking the soil is the perfect watering method for many houseplants. And this holds true for watermelon peperomia.

After I discover the leaves are slightly limp, I transfer the pot from its residence on my windowsill and place it within the sink. Then, I activate the tap so it’s operating in a sluggish however steadily-flowing stream. The water shouldn’t splash any soil out of the peperomia’s pot however moisten the soil.

I let the water move till it’s operating out of the planter’s drainage holes. At this level, I flip the water off and let the water drain for a number of extra minutes. As soon as the water drains, I place the plant again on its windowsill.

Indicators of Underwatering and Overwatering 

Watermelon peperomia are prone to each underwatering and overwatering.

Indicators of underwatering embody limp leaves, stems which have misplaced their ‘bounce,’ and yellowing leaves. As you most likely count on, these signs accompany dry soil.

Overwatering results in related signs, making it tough to inform in case your soil is just too dry or too moist. Yellow leaves, limp foliage, and smooth roots can all point out overwatering. Poorly-draining soils and an absence of drainage holes will usually result in overwatering.

Coping with Root Rot

Bear in mind how I stated that limp leaves point out that you need to water? Nicely, what if the soil remains to be moist? If you happen to discover wilting leaves and moist soil, you’re most likely coping with a much bigger situation than dry soil.

Whereas limp leaves can point out dry soil, they’ll additionally sign that your plant can’t take up water. This may occur in case your crops develop a fungal illness known as root rot. So, if limp leaves coincide with moist soil, it’s time to do some investigative work.

Take away the plant from its pot and dirt off extra soil so you may look at the roots. Minimize off any discolored or decayed parts, repot your peperomia in contemporary potting combine, and reduce the quantity you water. Including a lift of useful soil microorganisms may help crops get well. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes time to water your watermelon peperomia, bear in mind to make use of the plant’s foliage as a information. Water as quickly as you discover the leaves wilt and totally soak the soil.

For extra, see my in-depth, full Watermelon Peperomia care information.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at residence.



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