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When to Plant Broccoli – Harvest to Desk

Broccoli is cool-season annual generally handled as a two-season crop with spring and late summer time planting. Broccoli seedlings are often transplanted to the backyard after being began indoors. Seeds are sown indoors or in a chilly body 5 to six weeks earlier than they’re set within the backyard.

In spring, give broccoli an early begin in order that greenheads can type earlier than scorching climate arrives. Broccoli seedlings will be set within the backyard as much as a month earlier than your final anticipated frost. Broccoli can stand up to frost all the way down to about 25°F (-4°C). It grows greatest at 60°F to 65°F (16°-18°C).

Broccoli is customized to extensively totally different soils so long as they’re fertile, with good texture, and moist. Including aged compost to the planting mattress and turning it underneath is an effective strategy to put together a planting mattress for broccoli.

Facet gown broccoli with aged compost and a slow-release natural fertilizer at planting time will meet broccoli’s preliminary nutrient wants. Proceed to use these evenly across the crops at 3-week intervals.

Transplanting broccoli seedlings into the garden.
Transplanting broccoli seedlings into the backyard.

Broccoli planting dates for spring and summer time harvests*

Common date of the final frost Planting dates
Jan. 30 Jan. 1-30
Feb. 8 Jan. 1-30
Feb. 18 Jan. 15-Feb. 15
Feb. 28 Feb. 1-Mar. 1
Mar. 10 Feb. 15-Mar. 15
Mar. 20 Feb. 15-Mar. 15
Mar. 30 Mar. 1-20
Apr. 10 Mar 15-Apr. 15
Apr. 20 Mar 25-Apr. 20
Apr. 30 Apr. 1- Might 1
Might 10 Apr. 15-June 1
Might 20 Might 1-June 15
Might 30 Might 1-June 15
June 10 Might 10-June 10
June 10 Might 20-June 10
*These dates are for the Northern Hemisphere.
Side dressing broccoli plants with nutrient-rich aged compost.
Facet dressing broccoli crops with nutrient-rich aged compost.

Broccoli planting particulars

  • Sowing depth: ¼ inch (.6 cm)
  • House between plant after thinning: 18-24 inches (45-61cm); broccoli crops spaced nearer can have smaller heads.
  • Days to sprout: 10; begin seed indoors 4 to six weeks earlier than setting transplants within the backyard
  • Days to reap: 60-80
  • Storage interval: 1-2 weeks
  • Seeds per 100 row toes: 1 packet
  • Yield per 100 row toes: 50 kilos (45 kilos)
  • Steered varieties: Inexperienced Comet, Calabrese, Waltham 29
  • Notes: Make an early to mid-summer instantly within the backyard if you would like new crops for fall consuming. Failure to supply will be attributable to scorching climate, lack of water, and low soil calcium.

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