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When to Plant Kale – Harvest to Desk

Kale is a hardy cool-weather crop. It may be grown in early spring and in mid to late autumn. Kale tastes particularly good after it has been touched by frost.

Sow kale seeds within the backyard 4 to six weeks earlier than the final frost. Begin transplants 6 to eight weeks earlier than setting out within the backyard. Transplants may be set within the backyard 5 weeks earlier than to 2 weeks after the final frost.

Kale thrives in loamy soil with some aged compost or aged manure added. Mild sandy soil and heavy clay soil can adversely have an effect on leaf taste. Kale can tolerate partial shade.

Kale is a heavy feeder and wishes medium to excessive quantities of potassium.

Kale reaches maturity 55 to 65days after sowing, however you can begin harvesting as quickly as leaves are edible measurement. Choose kale when the leaves are vivid inexperienced and crisp; outdated leaves are darkish inexperienced, bitter, and hard.

Kale in backyard

Kale seed sowing dates for early season harvest

(These dates are for the Northern Hemisphere)

Common date of the final frost Planting dates
Jan. 20 Jan. 1-Feb. 1
Feb. 8 Jan. 10-Feb. 1
Feb. 18 Jan. 20-Feb. 10
Feb. 28 Feb. 1-20
Mar. 10 Feb. 10-Mar. 1
Mar. 20 Feb. 20-Mar. 10
Mar. 30 Mar. 1-20
Apr. 10 Mar. 10-Apr. 1
Apr. 20 Mar. 20-Apr. 10
Apr. 30 Apr. 1-20
Might 10 Apr. 10-Might 1
Might 20 Apr. 20-Might 10
Might 30 Might 1-30
June 10 Might 15-June 1
Tuscan kale
Tuscan kale

Kale planting particulars

  • Sowing depth: ½ inch (12mm)
  • Area between plant after thinning: 15-18 inches (30-45cm)
  • Days to sprout: 5-10
  • Days to reap: 55-65 days for mature vegetation; small vegetation may be harvested at edible measurement
  • Storage interval: 2-4 weeks
  • Seeds per 100 row ft: ½ ounce (14 grams)
  • Yield per 100 row ft: 50 kilos (20kg)
  • Varieties: Vates Blue Curled, Dwarf Blue Scotch, Konserva, Siberian, Tuscan

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