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Where to Setting Rubber Tree Plant Kingdoms in the Residence

The Very Best Rubber Plant Locations for Feng Shui and also Optimum Treatment

With their huge dark eco-friendly fallen leaves and also tree-like development practices, rubber plants are a fantastic means to bring the tropics right into your residence. Prominent as decorative houseplants, rubber plants are additionally abundant with meaning and also significance, particularly in

feng shui

In this write-up, we’ll reveal you where to place rubber plants in your house for optimum treatment and also power circulation.

Where to Setting Rubber Plant Kingdom in the Residence– The Fundamentals

About Rubber Plants

Rubber plants are believed to increase best of luck, wide range, and also success. In feng shui, these high qualities are related to the southeastern edge of your residence or area. Rubber plants are perfect for a workplace since they can additionally raise success in your occupation, which is related to the north. Concerning Rubber Plant Kingdom Additionally called the rubber fig or rubber tree, rubber plants ( Ficus elastica) are participants of the fig household (


). These plants are aboriginal to components of Southeastern Asia like Bhutan, India, and also Indonesia. Rubber plants have actually additionally infected Florida, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, and also components of the West Indies.

These plants obtain their typical name from the milklike latex they create, which was as soon as made use of to make rubber. Rubber plants prosper in damp exotic rain forests, where they can mature to 130 feet high. As a rubber tree expands, it utilizes airborne origins to maintain itself in the dirt. In India, rubber trees are educated to develop natural bridges. Rubber plants have dark eco-friendly oval-shaped vegetation. The rounded fallen leaves have a thick, virtually leatherlike structure and also a shiny coating. As young fallen leaves arise, they’re secured by a fleshy ‘sheath’ that slopes when the brand-new fallen leave prepares to spread out. Rubber plants are exceptionally prominent as decorative houseplants. They have low-maintenance treatment demands and also give

a number of advantages

Rubber Plants and Feng Shui

, consisting of cleansing the air, enhancing performance, and also enhancing memory. What’s even more, rubber plants can be found in a number of cultivars, consisting of ‘Robusta’ and also some variegated cultivars. Rubber Plants and also Feng Shui Rubber plants additionally bring a series of feng shui advantages to your residence. These low-maintenance plants are related to good luck, success, and also wide range. If you require to increase your performance and also success, this suggests that rubber plants are perfect

feng shui plants for your residence workplace

Where to Position Rubber Plants in the Home

Like all houseplants, rubber plants are highly attached to the timber component in feng shui. The 5 Components Concept, additionally called Wu Xing, is a vital technique of feng shui. It concentrates on the high qualities and also connections of 5 aspects; planet, fire, timber, steel, and also water. The timber component stands for development, creativity, spirituality, renewal, and also count on. The timber component is additionally related to preferable aspects like wellness and also wide range. Where to Setting Rubber Plant Kingdom in the Residence

  • According to the Bagua Map
  • Feng shui is an old Chinese ideology concentrating on the top quality of the powers streaming via our residence. Experts can affect and also integrate these powers by selecting the things and also shades made use of in each area. This is done utilizing the
  • Bagua map
  • , which is damaged down right into 9 locations:
  • Facility = Wellness (Tai Qi)
  • North = Profession (Kan)
  • Northeast = Understanding (Gen)
  • East = Household (Zhen)
  • Southeast = Success and also Wide Range (Xun)

South = Popularity and also Track Record (Li)

Southwest = Relationships (Kun)

West = Youngsters and also Creative Thinking (Dui)

Northwest = Traveling and also Handy Individuals (Qian)

Rubber plants are related to good luck, success, wide range, and also success. These qualities are regulated by the southeastern component of the Bagua map. Area rubber plants in a southeastern area to increase your success.

The Best Locations for Rubber Plants Based on Their Care Needs 

Rubber plants make perfect feng shui plants for an office. Not just can they advertise success and also success, yet they can additionally raise yang power. Yang power is hectic and also energetic, which is specifically the kind of atmosphere you desire when attempting to function from residence. The southeastern and also eastern locations of the Bagua map are connected to the timber component. If you’re attempting to grow the timber component, living plants are perfect enhancements. The East of the Bagua map is related to household, so rubber plants make an outstanding enhancement to household rooms. Feng shui is as much regarding structure and also really feel as it has to do with aspects. Sharp edges or things are thought to include unfavorable, assaulting power that you do not desire in your house. Rubber plants have soft, spherical vegetation that aids scattered unfavorable power in locations with lots of sharp edges.

The Very Best Places for Rubber Plant Kingdom Based Upon Their Treatment Demands

Rubber plants call for intense indirect light to prosper, although they can endure some color. Since they obtain the sunlight in the early morning when it’s much less extreme,


or southeastern-facing home windows are perfect. These areas incorporate well with the most effective places for rubber plants, according to the Bagua map. Rubber plants additionally call for cozy temperature levels and also modest moisture. Rubber plants ought to be placed someplace with steady temperature levels varying from 60 to 75ºF. Stay clear of locations with completely dry, cool, or warm drafts from air vents and also radiators. Where NOT to Area Rubber Plant Kingdoms in the Residence

As pointed out previously, the 5 Components Concept of feng shui considers the interconnected connection in between the 5 major aspects. These communications aren’t constantly favorable– some aspects can clash or damage with others, producing unfavorable power. Rubber plants are related to the timber component, making them at risk to particular various other aspects. Since fire sheds and also eats timber in nature, Fire deteriorates timber. On the Bagua map, fire is connected to the South, which regulates popularity and also track record. Their capability to increase success and also success might be reduced if rubber plants are positioned someplace linked with the fire component. Timber is additionally at risk to the steel component, and also both are attended clash in feng shui. Steel is related to the West and also Northwest of the Bagua map. Since steel chops via timber in nature, locations of the Bagua map connected to steel aren’t appropriate for rubber plants.

Rubber plants are excellent for spaces that require yang power. They do not always function for locations that ought to have yin power. Yin power is relaxed and also relaxing, which is preferable in a


Essential Rubber Plant Care

Stay clear of positioning rubber plants in your room to advertise even more yin power.

Where to Area Rubber Plant Kingdoms Outdoors In particular locations of the United States, rubber plants can be expanded outdoors in yards or on patio areas. As exotic plants, rubber plants are best matched to USDA Expanding Areas 10 to 12 In various other locations, rubber plants are best expanded in pots and also positioned outdoors throughout the summertime. When winter months comes, shield them inside. Rubber plants do best in an outside area that obtains intense, indirect early morning sunshine and also partial color for the remainder of the day. These plants additionally favor a cozy, damp atmosphere protected from solid winds. If the leading inch of the expanding tool is completely dry, exterior rubber plants ought to be sprinkled.

Important Rubber Plant Treatment

Rubber plants are unbelievably sturdy houseplants yet have significant sufficient vegetation to interest newbies. Rubber plants favor intense, indirect sunshine from southeast-facing or eastern home windows. They can endure durations of color.

Rubber plants aren’t problem drinkers and also normally call for

water weekly approximately

throughout springtime and also summertime. Provide them a beverage if the leading inch or 2 of dirt really feels completely dry. To stop origin rot and also overwatering, rubber plants require

well-draining dirt

A 1:1:1 mix of conventional potting mix, ache bark, and also perlite or sand ought to work.

These exotic houseplants favor regular heat and also moisture. Perfect temperature levels for rubber plants vary from 60 to 75ºF with modest moisture degrees. Possibilities are your rubber plant will certainly be also if you really feel comfy. If needed, Haze the fallen leaves or make use of a humidifier or pebble tray to increase moisture. When every year or 2 throughout the springtime,

Rubber plants ought to be repotted. Rubber plants can be multiplied utilizing cuttings, which ought to be maintained damp and also cozy up until developed. Feed rubber plants every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the expanding period, yet drop in the winter months.

Where to Setting Rubber Plant Kingdom Frequently Asked Questions

What area is best for a rubber plant?

Spaces with eastern- or southeast-facing home windows are the most effective for rubber plants. In regards to feng shui, rubber plants give one of the most profit in office.

Exactly how away from the home window should a rubber plant be?

For southeast-facing or eastern home windows, rubber plants can be positioned roughly 3 feet away. They ought to be positioned even more away– preferably 8 to 10 feet if the home window deals with southern or southwest.

Can I place my rubber plant behind-the-scenes? Rubber plants have an upright, bushy expanding practice that makes them perfect for extra edges. This additionally aids to soften the sharp sides and also unfavorable power of these edges. Can rubber plants prosper in low-light settings?

Although rubber plants can endure complete color for brief durations, they favor intense, indirect sunshine whenever feasible. Partial color is additionally a great choice combined with some early morning sunshine.(*) Can rubber plants endure drafts?(*) Although rubber plants are sturdy, completely dry or cool drafts can be a trouble. Maintain rubber plants far from air vents or radiators, or they will certainly dry excessive.(*) Where to Setting Rubber Plant Kingdom– The Final Word(*) Rubber plants are strong, lovely, and also functional houseplants. When positioned in southeastern areas, rubber plants can advertise best of luck, success, wide range, and also success. This additionally makes rubber plants perfect in an office. Rubber plants can additionally assist soften the unfavorable power of locations with great deals of sharp edges.(*) If you’re searching for your following Rubber Tree Plant to include in your collection, see our comprehensive overview to the (*) ideal plant stores providing Rubber Tree Plant kingdoms across the country(*)(*)



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