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Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling? (4 Worthy Causes)

Calathea is without doubt one of the most alluring crops that one can use of their house or workplace. They’ve lovely leaves that cowl a large space and improve the appears to be like of that place. However generally, the leaves have a tendency to twist down, making the entire plant look not so good. So, in the event you’re on the lookout for the reply to your question, “Why are my Calathea leaves curling?” we obtained you lined.

When you’ve got come to this text, it’s true that you simply both personal a Calathea plant or want to personal. You wish to personal a Calathea because it provides as much as the home’s good outlook. However if you’re not prepared to take applicable care of the plant, it doesn’t assist.

As a gorgeous plant, the Calathea plant grows elongated inexperienced leaves that are likely to cowl some areas together with variations including to its magnificence. The necessity for low water makes it simpler to develop a Calathea. However generally, the plant acts bizarre.

So, this text tells you about these causes that finish your seek for the reply to your question, “Why are my Calathea leaves curling?”.

Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling
Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling? through Reddit

Causes That Reply Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling

When a selected plant doesn’t get the correct amount of care, it hampers the expansion of the plant. Within the case of Calathea, curling of leaves is a matter. Beneath are some causes that make your Calathea leaves curl.

1)    Daylight Points

Probably the most essential causes that reply why my Calathea leaves curling is because of extreme daylight. Sure, it’s true. Calathea thrives on rising in shady and low-light areas. So, issues fall misplaced once you plant Calathea in excessive gentle areas or open air.

Calathea doesn’t reply nicely to an excessive amount of gentle. It begins to twist out on the leaves and in addition get worn down. Moreover, one other concern with an excessive amount of daylight is it removes the white and inexperienced traces within the plant.

In case you are occupied with fixing this concern, place your Calathea plant in low gentle areas. Take your plant with curly leaves to a low gentle space, and it’ll begin to uncurl to get lovely once more.

2)    Temperature

There are a selection of crops which like totally different climate. The climate fluctuations for plant happens once they have grown in locations away from their native lands. The factor that’s key for the existence of the Calathea plant is it grows in tropical areas. The plant blooms to its finest when planted in high-temperature locations.

So, taking the Calathea plant to colder areas won’t work nicely. The plant’s leaves have a tendency to twist principally within the winter season. To make sure that your Calathea plant has no curled leaves, attempt offering the native rising surroundings whereas rising.

You possibly can put the plant in locations that get direct daylight more often than not throughout the winter season. This can assist the leaves to get again to their pure stage. Direct daylight throughout the winter days works as a blessing for the Calathea plant.

Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling 2
Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling through Reddit

3)    Improper Watering

Watering is one such factor that must be taken care of whereas rising a plant. Improper watering is a purpose that reply why are my Calathea leaves curling. Correct watering habits assist the plant develop nicely. And, lots of the indoor crops are followers of correct watering. So, in the event you can water your plant nicely, it’s going to give one of the best consequence.

Overwatering, in addition to underwatering each, causes some points within the Calathea plant. If you are likely to underwater your plant, it’s going to consequence within the leaves being dry and curly.

Nonetheless, once you overwater your Calathea plant, it’s going to rot the plant’s root. This can trigger the leaves to twist and in addition kill the plant if not taken care of on the proper time. However, don’t fear. You possibly can at all times use your fingertip to verify how a lot water is required. Strive maintaining the plant moist always however don’t overdo it.

4)    High quality of Water

Nicely, the standard of water fed to the plant is a compelling purpose that may reply your question of why are my Calathea leaves curling. You at all times must know in regards to the high quality of water used whereas watering your plant. In case you are utilizing the faucet water proper to water your plant, you would possibly must cease doing so.

Calathea just isn’t an enormous fan of extreme minerals within the water. Faucet water accommodates a excessive quantity of salt and minerals, which isn’t appropriate for the plant. That’s the rationale the Calathea plant doesn’t develop nicely when a faucet or exhausting water is used. The problem shall be indicated within the edges of Calathea leaves. It begins curling and yellowing.

If it’s the case of low high quality water affecting your Calathea plant, attempt utilizing distilled or bottled water whereas watering your plant. This might help the leaves of your plant uncurl. Nonetheless, at all times know that overwatering Calathea isn’t the appropriate factor to do, even when the water used is of top quality.


Seeking the reply to your question of why are my Calathea leaves curling, you’ve got reached this portion of the article. You already know some causes now that causes your Calathea leaves to twist.

Nonetheless, on this part, we’ll once more look into these causes shortly. Like in most crops, correct watering habits is a vital issue to contemplate for Calathea’s good progress. So, at all times attempt to keep an optimum frequency and amount of water to make use of in your plant. Additionally, the standard of water used is a crucial side of a Calathea plant. At all times select the distilled water over the faucet water for the plant’s lengthy life.

Calathea is an indoor plant that loves the recent climate situations. So, it’s essential take care whereas rising this plant in colder areas. But additionally ensure that to not place your plant in direct daylight for a really very long time. This can put on down the entire plant, and the leaves will curl.



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