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Why Are My Mums Dying? 3 Straightforward Methods to Save Your Mums

Chrysanthemum vegetation – generally often called mums, are probably the most unique flowering houseplants wildly grown in Europe and Asia as a consequence of their loopy attraction.

However generally, they’ll get arduous to handle. Because of our desertion and carelessness, these lovely blooming vegetation shake off the “attractiveness” and depart us pondering: “Why are my mums dying?”

Earlier than moving into the principle matter – and itemizing a few of the principal causes for a dying mums plant, let’s take a short take a look at the genus Chrysanthemum.

Why Are My Mums Dying
“Why Are My Mums Dying?” through Reddit

Why Are My Mums Dying?

The Genus Chrysanthemum

Coming from the “daisy” household Asteraceae, these terrestrial vegetation are the focus in lots of family nurseries.

Chrysanthemums are native to Europe, Asia, America, and Canada. The origin of the range of mums vegetation is in China.

There are 38 accepted species of the genus, all being perennials that often bloom throughout spring and summer season.

So with out additional ado, let’s get straight into our matter.

Why Are My Mums Dying? – Causes

Causes for Dying Mums Crops

There are a whole lot of completely different causes for dying mum vegetation. If we discuss concerning the easy ones (environmental points), the commonest is underwatering.


Chrysanthemum vegetation can dry out in seconds! Sure, mums are the kinds of vegetation that often require thorough watering each day. Particularly in case you are utilizing a potting combine that dries out fairly rapidly.

Subsequently, you need to be sure to not underwater your mums – primarily when the environmental situations additionally velocity up the drying course of. And the plant requires vitality to place into vibrant blooms.


At this level, you have to be pondering: What! 🤨

However let me inform you, overwatering is the commonest explanation for dying vegetation. That’s as a result of when the roots of your vegetation keep in soggy and moist situations, they simply rot!

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So, you need to give your mums loads of water, however not a lot that the roots can’t breathe and decay. Furthermore, overwatering can develop into the reason for many fungal and bacterial ailments —together with pest infestations — which could possibly be the explanation for dying mums.

Inadequate Lighting

Mums require 5 to six hours of each day solar to thrive at their peak degree. Your mums will develop into unhappy in case you are not offering them with sufficient daylight each day.

Offering these bloomers with adequate mild additionally encourages them to develop shiny and wholesome flowers.

Give them shiny however oblique daylight. Morning or night direct solar is bearable however maintain your mums away from the tough rays of the noon solar.

These have been the environmental points and could possibly be effortlessly handled by fixing up the situations you might be offering to your vegetation.

However, as it is rather comfortable to kill mums, there are a whole lot of fungal ailments that may destroy these lovely blooming infants. They outcome within the browning of leaves and flowers, brown spots on leaves, and wilting of the plant.

Bacterial and Fungal Illnesses

Above have been a couple of situations you bodily present to the vegetation and are usually thought to be plant care.

But when your mums are dying even with correct care and mulching (I’ll clarify it additional), your plant could possibly be contaminated with some sort of illness.

Chrysanthemums are usually prone to a number of bacterial and fungal ailments.

Brought on by pathogens equivalent to Alternaria or Stemphylium (Ray Speck), Botrytis cinerea (Botrytis Blight), Ascochyta (Ray Blight), Erwinia chrysanthemi (Bacterial Blight), Pseudomonas cichorii (Bacterial Leaf Spot), Verticillium (Verticillium Wilt), Puccinia horiana (White Rust Illness), and Pythium (Root and Stem Rot).

Winter Dormancy

Mums are these sorts that produce flowers in spring and keep it up the hues until summer season. Nevertheless, most Chrysanthemum species develop into dormant throughout winter.

It’s fairly pure, and should you discover your mums being just a little gradual and uninteresting throughout winter, there isn’t any must panic. The roots would nonetheless be figuring out, storing meals and stuff for the following blooming season.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of caring domains about which try to be cautious. Please be sure you don’t over-water or over-fertilize your mums throughout winter. That may lead to a whole catastrophe.

On that notice, let’s head towards the fixes.

Why are My Mums Dying? – Fixes

Easy methods to Repair Dying Mums Plant

I’m going to listing fixes of the above issues respectively.

1. Fixing Underwatering and Overwatering

To repair underwatering and overwatering, you must make an ideal watering schedule in your mums.

Mums hate dry soil. If the leaves begin drooping, it means the plant goes by way of drought stress.

You shouldn’t look ahead to that to water your plant once more. In reality, you should maintain your mums hydrated earlier than they even attain that time.

However, most individuals overwater their mums with out contemplating the soil drainage. If in case you have rooted your mums in pots or containers, you should place them in an excellent high quality potting combine with good drainage.

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By skimming by way of the above article, you can also make an ideal potting combine in your mums. In reality, not just for Chrysanthemums but in addition for varied indoor and out of doors vegetation you might be nurturing in your gardens.

You’ll be able to by no means go improper with watering your mums if in case you have an ideal potting combine.

Ensure that to examine the soil moisture ranges utilizing a moisture meter or a moisture probe. Solely water your plant when the soil is dry.

You’ll be able to really feel the dampness of the soil by touching it immediately along with your fingers. Give your plant one other shot of hydration solely when the highest 2 to three inches of the soil feels bone dry.

2. Fixing Bacterial and Fungal Illnesses

To revive your valuable mums from dying by the hands of nasty fungal and bacterial ailments, you must apply fancy remedies.

For the fungal ailments infecting mums, apply correct fungicides to guard wholesome vegetation. Fungicides kill the spores current within the plant’s foliage.

At all times comply with the directions as labeled on the bundle. And discard all of the contaminated components of the vegetation.

In case your plant is contaminated with some bacterial illness, it’s all the time finest to take and propagate wholesome cuttings out of your vegetation. And throw away the remainder…

3. Apply Mulch to Your Mums

In the event you stay in such areas the place the temperature ranges beneath zero levels throughout winter, your mums are prone to extreme injury throughout winters.

Chrysanthemums have a shallow root system. So, in case you are questioning why are my mums dying, it could be as a result of chilly stress.

A fast strategy to repair this difficulty is by making use of a layer (of 2-3 inches) in your mulch.

Right here’s a means methods to correctly mulch your vegetation.


With all that mentioned, you realize the reply to “why are my mums dying?” and methods to revive them.

We have to take correct care and prune our mums throughout fall to make them develop within the type of excellent globes throughout spring and summer season.

I hope right this moment’s article was useful for you. If that’s the case, please share it along with your family and friends.

Regards, Mahad H.



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