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Why Does My Aloe Plant Have Brown Spots (and How To Repair It)?

When aloe vegetation are pleased and wholesome, their leaves are a vibrant inexperienced. Nonetheless, generally aloe vegetation develop points that result in brown spots on the leaves. Hold studying to find out about a number of the the explanation why your aloe plant might have brown spots.

Why Does My Aloe Plant Have Brown Spots (and How To Fix It)?

Causes of Brown Spots on Aloe Leaves

Causes of Brown Spots on Aloe Leaves

A wide range of totally different ailments could cause brown spots on aloe leaves. Listed here are a number of the most typical causes.

Aloe Rust

Aloe rust is a fungal illness attributable to the pathogens Phakopsora pachyfhiza and Phakopsora meibomiae. These fungi assault the outer portion of the leaves, inflicting discolored spots. They will have an effect on aloe vegetation being grown indoors and exterior.

Spots from aloe rust might begin out gentle yellow or orange earlier than they flip brown or black. Over time, the spots will harden, and the contaminated leaves might begin curling or fall off.

Different indicators of aloe rust might embrace orange plenty of spores on the underside of the plant’s leaves.

Aloe rust is extra prone to happen in cool and moist situations.

Usually, brown spots attributable to aloe rust should not a trigger for concern. Whereas the contaminated leaves might fall off, new leaves can stay wholesome.



Anthracnose is a common time period used to explain a bunch of fungal ailments that trigger darkish spots on leaves. One fungus which may trigger anthracnose in aloe vegetation is Colletotrichum gloeosporioides.

Indicators of anthracnose in aloe vegetation embrace darkish inexperienced or brown spots of assorted sizes. These spots sometimes seem water-soaked and sunken.

Because the illness progresses, the spots usually darken and develop reddish facilities. The variety of spots may also enhance and kind giant patches of rotting tissue.

For those who spot anthracnose in your aloe plan, it’s finest to prune off contaminated tissue. Eliminate the tissue and guarantee to sanitize any instruments each earlier than and after pruning.

Anthracnose can stay dormant within the soil. Subsequently, it’s possible you’ll wish to repot your aloe plant in a contemporary potting combine after eradicating contaminated leaves.

Leaf Spot Illness

A illness merely often called leaf spot illness might be attributable to the pathogen Alternaria alternata and species within the Curvularia genus.

Spots attributable to Alternaria alternata sometimes first seem as darkish brown, spherical, and sunken. Because the illness progresses, the spots can develop concentric circles with totally different shades of reddish and brown.

Finally, the spots will unfold, and whole leaves might flip brown and shriveled (and the plant might show indicators of drooping). 

Fungi within the Curvularia genus trigger darkish brown spots that seem water-soaked. There may additionally be a water-soaked look across the outer fringe of the spots.

As these spots age, they could seem scabby and lightweight brown or grey.

Methods to Forestall Brown Spots on Aloe

How to Prevent Brown Spots on Aloe

Since a wide range of pathogens could cause brown spots on aloe vegetation, it may be arduous to establish precisely what is inflicting the unpleasant spots. The excellent news is that preventative methods are the identical throughout the board.

Fungi unfold in moist situations. Subsequently, a lot of your preventative technique entails controlling moisture. 

First, preserve the humidity low. Aloe vegetation favor dry air with lower than 50% humidity.

Subsequent, solely water your aloe plant when the highest two to 3 inches of soil is dry. Overwatering can result in always moist soil, encouraging ailments to develop and unfold.

You also needs to be certain that you employ a well-draining potting combine and a container with drainage holes.

Together with holding situations dry, you also needs to take care to keep away from introducing pathogens within the first place. Examine new vegetation earlier than bringing them into your property, and use a trusted aloe potting soil.

Methods to Deal with Brown Spots on Aloe

In most situations, it’s best to prune off the contaminated tissue and eliminate it. Be sure to are sanitizing any instruments each earlier than and after pruning.

After you prune, purpose to lower the moisture in each the air and soil. For those who comply with these steps, your aloe plant ought to get better. Aloe vegetation may even profit from gentle fertilizing every season.

Hold Your Aloe Plant Wholesome

Fungal ailments are the primary reason for brown leaves on aloe vegetation. You’ll doubtless keep away from these points by holding the air and soil moisture ranges low. With due care and a spotlight, your aloe vegetation will thrive for years to come back.

For extra, see our in-depth information to aloe plant care at dwelling.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at dwelling.



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