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Why Is My Carnation Not Flowering? (5 Most Widespread Causes)

If you plant a carnation in your backyard, you anticipate the plant to pop with colourful ruffled blooms. However typically you’re left with inexperienced leaves and a disappointing lack of flowers! On this information, I’ll share my expertise of why your carnation shouldn’t be flowering and repair it. 

Why Is My Carnation Not Flowering? (5 Most Common Reasons)

5 Widespread Causes Why Your Carnations Are Not Flowering

In case your carnation vegetation aren’t flowering (or are solely producing just a few flowers), see if any of those causes are accountable.

1) Not Sufficient Solar

All varieties of carnations develop finest in full solar. If these vegetation obtain lower than eight hours of direct solar every day, they might seem stunted and fail to flower.

Keep in mind that producing flowers is an energy-intensive course of, and vegetation get their power from the solar! That implies that an absence of solar is a standard explanation for an absence of flowers.

2) Improper Fertilization

Improper Fertilization

Not fertilizing your carnations correctly or forgoing fertilization completely can result in an absence of blooms. Like all vegetation, carnations require 18 completely different vitamins to thrive.

Together with supplying your carnation with all these vitamins, you’ll want to make sure you present the right steadiness of vitamins.

One frequent explanation for an absence of flowers is an excessive amount of nitrogen and too little phosphorus. Whereas nitrogen is important for inexperienced progress and the manufacturing of proteins, it isn’t the one nutrient vegetation want.

Phosphorus helps encourage carnation vegetation to provide flowers, so it’s important in order for you a wholesome show of ruffled blooms.

With this info in thoughts, I like to recommend fertilizing your carnation vegetation with a product designed for flowering vegetation. Some good fertilizers to check out embrace Right down to Earth Rose & Flower Combine and Jobe’s Organics Rose & Flower Meals.

3) Improper Soil Moisture

Carnations will develop finest when their soil is saved constantly moist however not moist.

An excessive amount of moisture could cause the carnation vegetation to turn into careworn and even result in root rot. And too little moisture may also trigger stress and stop the vegetation from taking over the mandatory vitamins.

It’s best to water the soil round your carnations when the highest inch or two of soil is dry.

4) Poorly Draining Soil

Poorly Draining Soil

Whereas your watering schedule impacts the soil moisture stage, so does the soil kind. Compacted soils, in addition to soils excessive in clay, typically expertise poor drainage.

In case your soil is poorly draining, your carnation plant’s roots might continuously sit in moisture, making it troublesome for vegetation to take up water and vitamins. Plus, the carnation’s roots might start to develop root rot if the soil is at all times moist.

One of the best time to handle soil points is earlier than you plant your carnations. You probably have compacted soil, use a digging fork or shovel to loosen the soil.

One other factor to be careful for is heavy clay soil. If you already know your soil is excessive in clay, combine just a few handfuls of completed compost or peat moss into the soil to enhance the feel.

If you happen to’re planting your carnations in a pot, select potting soil that provides good drainage. One appropriate choice is Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Combine.

5) Vegetation Are Too Younger

Another excuse your carnations is probably not flowering is that they’re too younger! Most carnations take about 4 months between transplant to flower manufacturing.

Which means when you simply planted carnations exterior two months in the past, the vegetation nonetheless want a while to mature earlier than they may start producing flowers.

Fortuitously, this trigger has a straightforward repair: persistence! So long as you proceed to offer your younger vegetation with water, solar, and vitamins, they need to produce flowers as soon as they’re a bit older.

Why is My Carnation Not Flowering FAQs: 

How Lengthy Do Carnations Take to Flower?

Most varieties of carnations take between 120–140 days between transplant and the primary flower. Nonetheless, some carnations can start to provide flowers in as little as six weeks after you plant their seeds.

Why Is My Carnation Not Flowering?

The symbolic carnation plant might fail to provide flowers if they don’t obtain sufficient solar, sits in moist soil, doesn’t obtain sufficient water, or receives improper fertilization.

How Lengthy Do Carnations Final?

Carnations can final one to 2 weeks after they’re reduce. Hold them out of direct mild and alter the water commonly to assist them keep recent.

Carnations Not Flowering – Wrapping Up

In case your carnation shouldn’t be flowering, elements reminiscent of too little solar, improper fertilization, and moist soil could possibly be accountable. By fixing these points, you’ll be able to encourage your carnation vegetation to provide lovely blooms.

For extra, see our in-depth information to carnation rising zones and native ranges and propagate and transplant carnation flowers in your backyard.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at residence.



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