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Why is My Crape Myrtle Not Blooming? (Widespread Causes and Options)

Crape myrtles are extremely prized for his or her lovely crepe-like flowers that flower for months throughout summer season and fall. So it may be irritating when your crape myrtle doesn’t bloom on time. On this article, we’ll study eight frequent the explanation why your crape myrtle isn’t blooming.

Why is My Crape Myrtle Not Blooming? (Common Causes and Solutions)

Widespread Causes Your Crape Myrtle Is Not Blooming:

Why is My Crape Myrtle Not Blooming?

Incorrect Pruning

Incorrect pruning is without doubt one of the most typical the explanation why your crape myrtle may not bloom. Crape myrtles produce flower buds on new development. As such, pruning crape myrtles on the improper time of yr signifies that these flower buds could also be by accident eliminated.

Prune crape myrtles in fall as soon as the flowers have completed or in late winter whereas the tree remains to be dormant. This lets you calmly prune your crape myrtle to take away broken branches and form the plant. Pruning crape myrtles in February earlier than new development emerges is one of the simplest ways to keep away from chopping off growing flower buds.

Not Sufficient Daylight

Crape myrtles thrive in full solar and wish roughly six hours of direct daylight every day. In case your crape myrtle doesn’t get sufficient solar, it could not bloom in any respect. That’s why crape myrtles ought to by no means be planted in full shade.

Plant crape myrtles someplace that get full solar in the course of the morning. This protects the flowers and leaves from harsh afternoon daylight. South or west-facing facets are good for crape myrtles.

Not Sufficient Water

Crape myrtles favor barely moist soils, which signifies that they want an excellent quantity of water. Water established crape myrtles as soon as every week or so. Newly planted crape myrtles want extra water to develop a sound root system. Water younger crape myrtles a few times weekly for the primary two years.

Like all crops, crape myrtles want water to develop leaves and flowers. In case your crape myrtle doesn’t get sufficient water, it’ll wrestle to supply flowers and might also show indicators of yellowing leaves.

Lack of Vitamins

In case your crape myrtle isn’t getting sufficient vitamin, it could not produce flowers. Fertilize established crape myrtles annually with slow-release fertilizers. Feed newly planted crape myrtles as soon as a month of their first rising season.

The quantity of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (Ok) that fertilizers comprise is indicated by the NPK ratio. If the fertilizer accommodates an excessive amount of nitrogen, your crape myrtle will produce numerous leaves on the expense of flowers. Use high-phosphorus fertilizers to supply extra flowers.

Poor Soil Circumstances

Though crape myrtles thrive in most kinds of soils, some soil situations can hinder flower manufacturing. Crape myrtles want well-draining soils that also maintain some moisture. The soil also needs to comprise an excellent quantity of vitamins.

If the soil doesn’t drain effectively, it’ll turn out to be waterlogged. This causes issues like root rot, which might harm your crape myrtle and stop it from flowering. If the soil doesn’t comprise sufficient vitamins, your crape myrtle gained’t have the instruments mandatory to supply flowers.

Enhance soil drainage and vitamin by mixing natural matter corresponding to compost or leaf mould into the soil. If extra drainage is required, add some grit or sand.

Incorrect Temperature

Crape myrtles develop finest in USDA Zones 6 to 9. As subtropical crops, crape myrtles favor heat, humid situations and delicate winters. Crape myrtles might wrestle to flower in climates which might be too chilly or too sizzling.

In colder areas, develop crape myrtles in pots. This lets you defend them in the course of the winter by wrapping the pot in fleece or bringing the plant indoors. In sizzling, dry climates, water crape myrtles extra regularly in order that they don’t dry out, as this impacts flower manufacturing.


Crape myrtles solely start flowering as soon as they’re totally established. So for those who not too long ago planted a crape myrtle, it could take a while to flower. Most crape myrtles take three to 5 years to turn out to be totally established. Feed and water newly planted crape myrtles often to hurry up the method.

Illnesses and Pests

Illnesses and pest infestations can forestall your crape myrtle from flowering. Widespread crape myrtle pests embrace aphids, Japanese beetles, and scale bugs. Widespread crape myrtle ailments embrace leaf spot and powdery mildew.

Get rid of pests utilizing horticultural oils, insecticidal cleaning soap, or natural pesticides. Most ailments could be prevented by rising your crape myrtle in good situations.

Why is my Crape Myrtle Not Blooming FAQs: 

What’s the finest time to fertilize a crape myrtle?

Fertilize crape myrtles in late winter or early spring earlier than new development seems.

How typically ought to I water my crape myrtle?

Crape myrtles favor well-draining soil and don’t prefer to be in soggy soil. Water deeply as soon as every week in periods of drought.

Can crape myrtles bloom greater than annually?

Crape myrtles can bloom greater than as soon as yearly if appropriately pruned. After the primary flush of blooms fades, deadhead the spent flowers and fertilize the plant to encourage new development and one other spherical of blooms.

Ought to I take away the seed heads from my crape myrtle?

Eradicating seed heads from crape myrtles is pointless for the plant’s well being, however it may possibly enhance its look. Deadheading spent flowers and seed heads will encourage the plant to supply extra blooms.

Wrapping Up

Crape myrtles might solely flower in the event that they get sufficient water, daylight, or vitamin. Pruning crape myrtles incorrectly is the primary motive why these crops fail to bloom. Prune crape myrtles in fall or late winter earlier than new flower buds start to develop to maximise their colourful spectacle.

For extra, see our in-depth information to 13 lovely kinds of crape myrtle to develop in your backyard.

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