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Why Is My Succulent Turning Black? 5 Frequent Causes

Whereas succulents require little or no care, there are just a few frequent points you would possibly encounter whereas rising these hardy vegetation, particularly in case you neglect them fairly often. 

The weird, unpleasant black spots and parts on succulents are the oblique solution to present underlying issues on their well being. Why is my succulent turning black? This text will present you the commonest causes, learn how to test the signs, and sensible options for every case. 

Why Is My Succulent Turning Black
“Assist?! Backside leaves turning black and falling off why?” by way of Reddit

5 Causes Why Your Succulent Is Turning Black

Black succulents are usually attributable to overwatering, underwatering, sunburn, bugs, an infection, and illness. Black spots most frequently develop on the leaves and stems of the vegetation. As soon as they seem, there should be one thing fallacious along with your succulents, and it’s best to take motion to maintain them comfortable and wholesome. 

That is usually performed by pruning the black parts, treating them with explicit substances (in case of bug an infection), or throwing away the complete tree if these black spots can threaten the plant’s well-being.  


The commonest trigger for black leaves in your succulents is overwatering. In contrast to the standard tropical home plant, succulents don’t should be watered fairly often. 

They will deal with arid circumstances extremely nicely, and an excessive amount of water can solely trigger them to rot from the roots up. In such a case, their leaves will really feel mushy and delicate. 


You could take away your succulents from the pot and test if the basis continues to be in good situation. If the reply is sure, then reduce off the black, mushy leaves and stems after which switch the plant to a brand new pot of dry, well-draining soil. 

As soon as it settles on the brand new residence, it’s best to skip watering it for just a few days. Begin your watering schedule after 2 or 3 days however keep in mind to scale back the frequency. 


It’s unlikely in case you underwater these desert vegetation. But, in case you neglect to bathe them lengthy sufficient, black spots may also make an look. It occurs fairly slowly; usually, the colour of the leaves turns from inexperienced to brown and at last to black. 

Sadly, when the leaves go black resulting from underwatering, your succulents probably die on you as there’s nothing you are able to do to revive it. 

To test for underwatering points, it’s best to discuss with the quantity of water your kind of succulents want. As well as, run your fingers via the leaves to test their circumstances. 

Succulents are recognized for storing the water below foliage. Because of this, the leaves ought to really feel fleshy in the event that they obtain sufficient water. 

For those who really feel the dryness and brittleness, chances are high it’s best to give them a superb bathe. One other manner is to the touch the soil, and as soon as it feels dry, go and water it. 


The very best plan of action is to observe a superb watering schedule to maintain your succulents wholesome. If any of the inspecting strategies above increase the purple flag, including extra water is the way in which to go!


Whereas these xerophytes vegetation can adapt nicely to drought circumstances, extreme publicity to direct daylight can wreak havoc on them and trigger the leaves to show black. 

This transformation doesn’t occur in a single day as your vegetation should be uncovered to the direct solar for a while. The leaves usually expertise a sequence of shade modifications earlier than they flip into black, normally from inexperienced to orange/purple to brown after which black.

Why Is My Succulent Turning Black 2
“Why Is My Succulent Turning Black?” by way of Reddit

Leaves turning black resulting from sunburn can occur to both vegetation of their native environments or these grown in shady, indoor circumstances. 

For the latter, if you wish to switch them from indoors to outside, the change ought to be made step by step to permit them to get used to the brand new surroundings. 


Most of the time, sunburned succulents don’t stand an opportunity to outlive resulting from extreme damages. The black leaves point out that the vitamins and nourishments can not circulate via them anymore. 

Nonetheless, in case you discover some inexperienced components are left on the plant, you are able to do just a few issues to put it aside. First, prune all of the sunburned components. 

Subsequent, it’s suggested to place the pot below direct daylight and improve the quantity of publicity time so the tree can regulate accordingly. The plant ought to be positioned below the direct mild for 3 to 4 hours at first earlier than you increase it to 1 hour every day.  


Typically, the issue of your succulents turning black seems within the type of tiny black spots that resemble freckles. If so, your vegetation are infested with bugs. 

The primary enemies of those dessert fleshy vegetation are mites, mealybugs, and aphids. These critters feed on the vegetation and go away lifeless tissues behind their wake. That’s these tissues that create black spots on the leaves. 

Why Is My Succulent Turning Black 3
“these tiny black bugs appeared on my succulent and it’s starting to die – any options?” by way of Reddit


The very best treatment for bug infestation is to separate the affected leaves and stems from wholesome ones. One other factor you are able to do to revive your plant is to soak the cotton balls and wipe the bugs off. Alternatively, a potassium cleaning soap or insecticide may also help. 

An infection or illness

If the black spots seem beneath the leaves as a substitute of the highest floor, the more than likely perpetrator is viral an infection. The commonest an infection on these hardy vegetation is orthotospovirus, which additionally assaults tomatoes and causes tomato wilt. 

It’s price noting that an infection spreads at a quick tempo, so when it manifests itself as black spots, your succulents may be contaminated severely, and you may’t reserve it. 


Sadly, there should not many options for reviving your infested vegetation. Within the worst-case state of affairs, there is no such thing as a selection however to desert the complete plant. Nonetheless, it’s usually the answer to forestall the an infection from spreading wildly from close by succulents. 

When the fungus nonetheless doesn’t make it far to the entire tree however solely to particular leaves, you may revive it in just a few methods. Prune off the black leaves with a clear pair of scissors. 

For those who plan to make use of the scissors on different bushes, it pays to disinfect them first earlier than reducing. It prevents the fungus from transmitting by way of the reducing software. 

When you full the reducing, visually examine your succulents within the subsequent few days. If the black spots nonetheless unfold, the fungus already makes it to the bottom. The very best recommendation is to throw away the tree altogether when this occurs. 


We hope you may reply the query “Why is my succulent turning black?” by the tip of this text. By taking some precautions and taking note of watering, mild, soil, and leaves’ circumstances, you may keep away from the state of affairs within the first place or restore your cute vegetation to their glory!



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