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Why Is not My Thanksgiving Cactus Blooming?

The Thanksgiving cactus is a superb addition to any houseplant assortment, particularly in November, when it welcomes the vacation season with a flush of beautiful blooms. Gardeners wait months in anticipation for this charming show. Sadly, it doesn’t at all times come.

Getting your plant to bloom or rebloom isn’t troublesome when you perceive its surroundings. However a number of frequent errors or potential points could cause your Thanksgiving cactus to cease blooming, ruining your dwelling Thanksgiving décor.

Look out for these eight the explanation why your Thanksgiving cactus isn’t blooming and how one can repair it to encourage flowering subsequent 12 months.


Close-up of watering a Thanksgiving cactus from a cream metal watering can on a light windowsill. The plant blooms with bright red tubular flowers. This plant has distinct flattened, segmented dark green stems with scalloped edges.
In contrast to typical cacti, this species requires common moisture.

The primary potential trigger is an issue that plagues many vegetation – overwatering.

Thanksgiving cactus is an epiphytic cactus native to jungle environments. Meaning it wants much more common moisture than chances are you’ll count on from a conventional ‘cactus.’ Nonetheless, as with every cactus (or any houseplant, for that matter), it’s nonetheless attainable to provide them greater than they want.

Extra moisture across the epiphytic roots limits airflow and ultimately results in fungal progress and decay. Not solely does this trigger stress that negatively impacts flowering, however it may well additionally kill the plant if not managed early. Epiphytes favor fast showers and well-draining soil somewhat than waterlogged situations.

How To Repair

In the event you’re anxious you’ve overwatered, permit the soil to dry out a bit of and examine the well being of the roots by transferring some soil to the facet or rigorously eradicating the plant from its container. Rather less moisture than traditional may help induce flowering. Nonetheless, don’t go to the intense of utterly underwatering, as this could additionally result in a scarcity of blooms or bud drop.

After checking the roots, chances are you’ll want to exchange the soil and repot the plant when you discover indicators of fungus or delicate and mushy roots. In the event you uncover any fungal points, take away all of the soil and trim the broken roots again to wholesome progress to take away the problematic fungus and cease it from spreading. Repot into recent soil and sustain with care to make sure flowering the next 12 months.

Incorrect Mild Ranges

Close-up of Thanksgiving cactus stems on a sunny windowsill. The plant produces long, flattened, segmented stems with toothed margins. Stems are bright green, glossy.
To encourage this plant to bloom yearly, mimic its pure habitat with shorter days and longer nights.

Most indoor flowering vegetation want loads of vibrant mild, and sometimes some restricted direct solar, to provide blooms. As a fall-flowering species (hopefully proper round Thanksgiving), this plant is barely completely different.

To push your plant to bloom once more 12 months after 12 months, you should replicate the flowering situations of its native habitat. This implies brief days and lengthy nights – at the least 12 nighttimes per day can push them to provide buds. This could begin round six to eight weeks earlier than Thanksgiving if you need them to flower on the proper time.

Relying on the situations in your space and the place this plant is positioned, this could require some planning. You could want to maneuver your plant round and guarantee it’s in full darkness for big components of the day, as much as 14 hours. Even synthetic lights can get in the best way of bud formation, leaving you extremely disillusioned round Thanksgiving.

How To Repair

Sadly, when you’ve solely seen your cactus isn’t flowering at Thanksgiving, there isn’t a lot you are able to do about darkish hours this season. Placing them at midnight now received’t assist them flower inside a number of days. The preparation must begin round September every year for the perfect outcomes.

Prune the stems again and set a reminder in your calendar to watch mild ranges the next 12 months. You’ll be able to nonetheless take pleasure in these vegetation for his or her attention-grabbing cascading stems even when they don’t bloom proper now!

Excessive Temperatures

Close-up of a Thanksgiving cactus plant in a large clay pot indoors. The Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) is a popular houseplant known for its distinct flattened, segmented stems with scalloped edges. The stems are dark green with a slight purple tinge at the edges.
Temperature performs an important position in guaranteeing well timed bloom, even with correct care and plant well being.

Sticking with environmental concerns, one other important situation for bud formation is a slight drop in temperature. Of their native habitats, temperatures drop to round 55°F, which indicators to the plant that it’s time to provide flowers.

If your own home is just too heat round September (round 65 to 70°F), this temperature will take away the plant’s cue that it’s time to flower. This may very well be as a consequence of the usage of temperature controls indoors, or for people who dwell in a lot hotter areas, the standard temperatures round late summer season and early fall.

Even when there’s nothing unsuitable together with your care routine or plant well being, you continue to received’t see flowers on the proper time when you don’t contemplate temperature.

How To Repair

Very similar to lighting modifications, this concern can’t be resolved at Thanksgiving with a fast repair. Managing the temperature from the beginning of fall is required to permit buds to kind on the proper time.

Preserve the vegetation in a cooler room in your house (however not too chilly), and keep away from conserving any heating sources close by. It’s also possible to transfer them away from brighter areas and relocate to a north-facing window, which is able to assist with lighting ranges concurrently.

Open home windows that permit the cool air in may also assist set off flowering, so long as the vegetation aren’t proper within the path of sturdy drafts that could result in stress.


Close-up of a Thanksgiving cactus plant in a large white pot on the floor, next to two empty white pots and a larger potted plant with lanceolate leaves. There are also gray gloves and a piece of craft paper on the floor.
Upgrading pot dimension is crucial for houseplant care, however timing is essential.

Repotting is an necessary a part of houseplant care, so long as you repot on the proper time. In the event you repot across the time the plant needs to be producing buds, or when you repot incorrectly, you’ll danger the potential for flowering that season.

The primary mistake is repotting too early. Rootbound situations assist with flowering somewhat than hindering it. In the event you repot when the plant doesn’t want it, it’ll deal with increasing its root system somewhat than producing flowers.

Repotting right into a container that’s too massive is one other concern. Though chances are you’ll assume a bigger pot interprets to faster progress and a bigger plant, the other is true. When repotting each few years, select a pot one dimension up or two sizes up most.

How To Repair

Solely repot when completely vital. Roots rising via drainage holes, stunted progress, or disintegrated soil point out it’s time to repot. In the event you don’t spot any indicators of concern, wait one other 12 months to assist with flowering.

Everytime you do have to repot, the perfect time is late winter or early spring, after the plant has completed flowering. Crops want time to regulate to their new situations and develop new roots after repotting, so repotting when buds are forming will halt the flowering course of.

Incorrect Soil

Close-up of Rows of Thanksgiving cactus plant seedlings in pots on a sunny windowsill. Seedlings grow from flattened stems comprised of segmented leaf-like sections.
Customary potting soil or common houseplant combine can hinder flowering.

Even when you do repot on the proper time and in the suitable container, it’s nonetheless attainable in your Thanksgiving cactus to not flower when you use the unsuitable soil.

Whenever you hear cactus, chances are you’ll consider quick-draining and nutrient-poor sandy or gritty soils. However keep in mind, this species is an epiphyte from the jungle somewhat than the desert, requiring barely completely different rising situations. The epiphytic roots even have particular wants that replicate the ethereal situations they expertise rising connected to bushes.

Repotting into customary potting soil and even common houseplant combine received’t present the popular situations, negatively impacting flowering. Backyard soil is much more dangerous, because it brings the potential for points with soil-borne pests and illnesses.

How To Repair

Thanksgiving cacti want ethereal and well-draining soil for optimum root well being. These epiphytes, like orchids, favor soil textures that drain nicely and provides the roots one thing to cling to.

I take advantage of a mixture of potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark, however you may as well use succulent and cacti combine with further bark and coconut coir to empty nicely whereas retaining sufficient moisture.

In the event you’ve repotted into a special combine hindering flowering, it’s finest to repot instantly into the suitable soil. Dense soil mixes not solely affect flowering however may also result in well being issues and root rot when you don’t water rigorously.

Low Humidity

Close-up of a decorative Thanksgiving Cactus with pink flowers buds in a white pot. The plant produces long, segmented stems that are dark green in color and have jagged edges. Many bright pink round buds are formed at the tips of the stems.
A humidifier may be very efficient, because it higher replicates the jungle-like situations these houseplants favor.

Originating from the jungles of Brazil, Schlumbergera truncata is accustomed to excessive humidity ranges in its native habitats. For sturdy flowering, you should replicate those self same situations as finest you may, limiting stress.

Whereas low humidity is a much less frequent reason for the dearth of flowering on this species, excessively dry air can result in a number of progress issues. These vegetation admire humidity above 50% in our houses however can deal with barely decrease moisture ranges and nonetheless flower.

Nonetheless, in case your indoor air may be very dry (under 30%), your plant is unlikely to flower. Check the humidity in your house and across the plant particularly to find out whether or not humidity may trigger your issues.

How To Repair

There are a number of methods to spice up humidity, relying on how a lot of a rise is required. Grouping a number of vegetation collectively or inserting the plant in the next humidity room inside your own home (like a toilet) can marginally enhance situations.

It’s also possible to place the pot on a tray crammed with pebbles and water, so long as the water doesn’t contact the pot’s base. Because the water evaporates, it’ll barely enhance humidity across the plant.

One of the simplest ways to manage humidity is to make use of a humidifier. Used accurately, humidifiers can higher emulate the jungle-like situations that these and lots of different houseplants are used to, enhancing your probabilities of flowering.

Sudden Adjustments In Setting

Close-up of female hand holding a Schlumbergera truncata cactus in a black pot against a white wall. The nails are painted with red varnish. The plant has long flattened stems comprised of segmented leaf-like sections. The stems are dark green and feature scalloped margins. An elongated pink flower bud forms on one of the stems.
As soon as buds develop, keep away from transferring your plant.

In case your Thanksgiving cactus has developed buds on the top of the stems, you’re midway to a profitable flowering season. However there’s nonetheless one essential mistake to keep away from at this important time earlier than flowers open – transferring the plant.

Sudden environmental modifications are one of many most important causes of bud drop in Thanksgiving cacti. Differing lighting situations, humidity, or frequent drafts all disrupt the fragile steadiness that results in flowering. The ensuing stress will trigger the plant to ditch all its flowers to deal with vitality preservation and adaption.

How To Repair

Fortunately, this repair is straightforward. If buds have developed, don’t make any modifications. The much less you do presently (moreover important watering), the higher. Transferring the plant now or altering points of care like fertilizing could finish your flowering season earlier than it has even begun.

Completely different Species

Close-up of a blooming Christmas Cactus in a large clay pot. The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) is a charming houseplant known for its flat, segmented stems that resemble leaf-like structures. The stems are dark green and have slightly scalloped edges.Christmas Cacti produce striking, pendulous, tubular flowers of bright pink color. The blooms have a unique appearance with broad, flattened petals that form an open and star-like shape.
In case your plant doesn’t bloom on time, you may need a special vacation cactus species.

In the event you’ve executed all the things proper and nonetheless can’t get your plant to bloom in time for its namesake vacation, you might not be coping with a Thanksgiving cactus in any respect.

Schlumbergera truncata is one of some vacation cacti that look remarkably related, together with Christmas cactus and Easter cactus. They’re all named after the occasions of the 12 months they sometimes flower (within the northern hemisphere).

Later blooms could sign that your plant is an identical however completely different species of vacation cactus. A more in-depth take a look at the stems may even let you know what you’ve got. In the event you do occur to have one of many different species, you’ll want to go out and buy a real Thanksgiving cactus if you need it to flower this vacation.

Last Ideas

Whereas forcing a houseplant to flower could seem complicated and problematic, it doesn’t must be troublesome if you know the way to replicate the situations that induce flowering. Look out for any of those potential points and ensure you rectify them earlier than the blooming season begins.



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