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Winged Bean Plant Treatment: Expanding Dragon Beans

The winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) passes numerous names such as dragon bean, princess bean, goa beans, asparagus pea, four-sided beans, Hunan winged bean, four-cornered bean, and also a lot more! The winged beans are belonging to Southeast Asia and also grow in exotic environments considering that they call for a lengthy expanding period. There are, nonetheless, day-neutral selections that appropriate for expanding in a warm location.

Winged beans expand on creeping plants and also will certainly require a framework to sustain the climbing up stems. Offer these beans with a trellis on the north side of your yard and also you’ll be selecting beans right into late summer season. Heaven blossom it generates will certainly draw in numerous advantageous bugs and also pollinators. As its most typical name recommends, the bean capsules have 4 fancy wings that run the size of the bean.

These uncommon winged bean plants are swiftly getting appeal among garden enthusiasts and also permanently factor. Also the root if you are interested in expanding your very own food this plant is a specifically intriguing option due to the fact that the whole plant is edible! The fully grown bean is an abundant healthy protein resource and also has much more healthy protein than comparable beans such as cowpeas, chickpeas, mung beans, and so on. It has a comparable healthy protein web content to soybeans and also can be made use of in much of similarly.

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Quick Treatment Overview

Winged bean
The winged bean is unusual in the United States yet getting appeal. Resource: eric.toensmeier
Typical Name( s) Winged bean, dragon bean, four-angled bean
Taxonomic Name Psophocarpus tetragonolobus
Days to Harvest 75-80 days
Light Complete sunlight
Water Modest
Dirt Well-drained, abundant
Plant Food Garden compost or well balanced plant food
Insects Aphids
Conditions Downy mold, aphid-borne infections

Everything About The Winged Bean

Single winged bean
The distinct form of these beans makes them stick out. Resource: asirap

As discussed above, winged beans (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) are recognized by numerous names consisting of four-cornered bean, Hunan winged bean, cigarillas, manila bean, four-angled beans, and also goa bean. They are belonging to South Asia and also are believed to have actually come from New Guinea. The typical yard winged bean is expanded as a seasonal in exotic environments, yet can likewise be expanded as a yearly in the majority of the USA.

The winged bean case looks like a wide bean with 4 shook up wings that run the size of the capsules. Inside, the winged bean seeds are concealed away, although the majority of gather the capsules prior to they generate fully grown seeds. The fallen leaves show up comparable to those of string bean plants and also the intense blue blossoms generated resemble light blue variations of the breeze pea blossom. The bulbs birth a striking similarity to sunchokes. Winged bean is a post bean and also therefore expands as a creeping plant. These plants are not just made use of as food for individuals yet are likewise made use of as feed for fisheries and also for animals as a result of their high healthy protein web content.

Growing Winged Beans

Winged beans are particularly frost-sensitive so it’s ideal to wait till all hazard of the last frost for the period has actually passed prior to hair transplanting any kind of plants. As soon as any kind of amazing weather condition has actually passed, they can be begun inside and also hair transplanted right into increased beds or planted straight right into containers and also after that relocated outside. You can likewise merely begin them in the ground that they’ll expand in, gave that the hazard of frost has actually passed and also the ground is cozy sufficient to help in germination. They require complete sunlight and also a framework like a trellis to sustain the climbing up creeping plants. The dried out seeds can be pre-soaked to accelerate germination. As soon as the seed sprouts from the ground, screen and also route its young creeping plant tendrils towards its trellis so it can start to climb up.


Winged bean flower
The winged bean’s blossom is as distinct as the bean itself. Resource: rwsphoto

Taking care of the winged bean resembles taking care of any kind of various other post bean selection, simply with the included advantage of having the ability to consume all components of the plant. Winged bean creeping plants will certainly require something to expand on and also the origins might award your yard initiatives by repairing nitrogen right into the dirt.

Sunlight and also Temperature Level

Winged beans call for complete sunlight. For those people in the north hemisphere, that suggests positioning these post beans on a trellis on the north side of your yard to make sure that they do not possibly color out various other plants. The indigenous winged bean selections that develop themselves in the tropics await the warmth of summer season prior to placing on quantifiable development, after that wait for the signal of the reduced days of loss prior to blossom collection and also producing capsules. In a warm environment, these selections will certainly never ever obtain the possibility to grow, due to the fact that the reduced days of loss likewise featured temperatures that are also chilly for these plants to endure.

When expanding winged bean as a yearly in a warm environment, it is very important to choose a day-length neutral selection. These winged bean selections will certainly establish blossom rather and also do not rely upon the signal from reduced days to flower. This guarantees that they will certainly generate winged bean capsules faster than their non-day-length neutral family members.

The winged beans that are belonging to Southeast Asia can be expanded in USDA expanding areas 9-11 and also have actually been reported to expand like weeds in those environments. The day-neutral selections can be expanded in all various other areas, yet in cooler environments might require to be begun inside and also hair transplanted out. These plants will certainly require at the very least a 120 day long expanding period. Consult your neighborhood frost days to identify the ideal growing time for your area.

Water and also Moisture

Just like the majority of plants expanded in the warmth of the summer season, it’s ideal to sprinkle your winged bean in the early morning to make sure that the dampness has an opportunity to soak up right into the dirt prior to the warmth of the day. Given that winged beans are specialized to endure in the damp and also cozy tropics, they call for routine and also also moisture watering. They do not endure durations of dry spell well and also actually like a little moisture. This makes them a remarkably great option for southeastern United States farmers.

Winged bean seeds likewise call for a lot of dampness in order to sprout. To help in germination, it’s ideal to saturate the seeds for 24-48 hrs prior to growing out. This action can be missed, yet it might take them approximately 3 weeks to sprout without it.


Winged beans do best in a standard, neutral ph dirt. They can endure in numerous dirt kinds such as clay, loam, or silt dirt. Additionally, winged bean will certainly require well-draining dirt to make certain that the bulbs do not rot prior to they can be collected and also consumed, so guaranteeing your dirt mix is organic-rich will certainly assist.


Your winged bean plants like dirt modified with a lot of raw material by means of high quality garden compost. It does not call for a nitrogen-rich plant food. If it obtains excessive nitrogen, it will certainly place on a great deal of creeping plants and also fallen leaves, yet will certainly not generate numerous blooms or winged bean seed capsules. Beans and also various other beans, with winged bean amongst them, are popular for their capability to take care of nitrogen right into the dirt. This makes them an excellent plant to turn right into a location of your yard that might require an increase or to friend plant with a plant that likes nitrogen. Having stated that, phosphorus and also potassium are both advantageous for the winged bean, especially phosphorus as it helps in blooming.


Winged beans do not call for any kind of trimming, yet reducing the tops of the creeping plants once they get to regarding 12 inches in elevation can motivate bushier development. Collecting the fallen leaves for food can be a superb means of trimming without in fact trimming. If the creeping plants seem expanding wild and also out of hand, some trimming might be needed to boost air movement and also stop prospective condition problems.


There are no well-known techniques of breeding for the winged bean plants besides beginning with fully grown seeds. As discussed over, saturating the seed for 24-48 prior to growing will certainly assist accelerate germination. This action is not needed yet will certainly assist obtain a running start on your plants. Given that the seeds have such a thick wall surface, saturating aids to soften them and also they will certainly grow faster.

Typically talking, winged bean plants do not such as origin disruption throughout transplant, so make sure when hair transplanting out or attempt sowing straight when feasible.

Keeping and also gathering

Harvested winged beans
As soon as chose, winged beans are an unbelievable enhancement to your dishes. Resource: Thai Food Blog Site

The winged bean plant makes an excellent enhancement to any kind of veggie yard due to the fact that all components of the plant are edible, also the root! These exotic beans have an excellent preference and also nutty taste.


The protein-rich capsules prepare to gather when they are intense environment-friendly, tender, and also still versatile, regarding 2 weeks after blooms show up. Youthful environment-friendly capsules, like breeze peas, can be consumed raw case and also all. As soon as the capsules end up being coarse and also hard, after that they are collected for the seeds inside, which call for a 2-3 hr food preparation procedure to make them absorbable.

The young fallen leaves can be made use of as you would certainly utilize spinach: in salads, steamed, or included in soups, stews, or rice recipes. The light blue blossoms can be collected when they are totally opened up and also make an attractive garnish.

While the capsules, leaves, and also blossoms prepare to choose within regarding 75-80 days, their origins will not prepare till regarding 120 days. At the end of the period, collect the plant to expose the tuberous origins. They can be made use of likewise to potatoes and also can be steamed, steamed, baked, deep-fried, or made right into chips.


The premature capsules ought to be dealt with likewise to string beans because they have a string to get rid of from each of the 4 angles of the bean. As soon as the string is eliminated it can be made use of fresh in stir-fries, steamed, consumed raw, or paled, and afterwards iced up for future usage. Marinading the young capsules is an additional choice for prolonging the life span of this bean. After that it’s ideal to dispose of the hard coarse case and also procedure the seeds, if the capsules are left to totally mature. They can be dried out and also saved for future usage or conserved as seeds for the adhering to expanding period.

Your winged beans themselves can be saved in the fridge for approximately a week in a plastic bag. The blossoms and also leaves ought to be made use of fresh.


Young four-angled bean plant
The four-angled form of this bean’s case makes it uncommon. Resource: foot fingers

Winged beans are an excellent low-maintenance enhancement to every veggie yard considering that they have couple of parasites and also also less condition problems. Particularly in areas 9-11, they are recognized to expand like a weed when developed.

Expanding Issues

Winged beans do not endure dry spell problems. Overwatering can create problems. When this plant is overwatered or put in dirt with bad water drainage, origin rot can happen. If you want to accumulate your bulbs at the end of the period, after that it is particularly crucial to hair transplant winged beans right into loosened, well-drained dirt to permit the bulbs to establish totally.

Brownish or yellow saggy fallen leaves on the winged bean creeping plant suggest overwatering, while completely dry brownish crispy fallen leaves suggest underwatering.


Aphids are one of the most typical problems for winged beans and also bean creeping plants generally. While these are not always a poor indication, an aphid problem that’s enabled to go unattended boosts the hazard of aphid-borne infections, such as bean mosaic infection. Most of plant infections are spread out by bugs, and also if an aphid eats a contaminated plant, it might carry on to a healthy and balanced plant and afterwards spread out the condition better.

Some advantageous bugs such as lacewings and also ladybugs will gladly eat aphids, particularly if you give them with great environment and also overwintering websites. Still, aphids increase at a quick price, and also a solitary women aphid can generate approximately 80 live-birthed young in the area of a week. Utilize a blast of water to knock them off the plant if you see aphids starting to show up. Those that maintain appearing can be taken care of with insecticidal soap, neem oil, or by getting rid of one of the most plagued fallen leaves and also dealing with them completely.


Overwatering can create the best problems for fungi to hold, particularly in damp environments. If excessive dampness dashes onto the vegetation throughout watering after that this can add to problems with downy mold.

Downy mold is commonly incorrect for fine-grained mold yet it looks like yellow fallen leave areas on the tops of the fallen leaves with black spore masses on the bottom of the fallen leaves. On the other hand, fine-grained mold looks like even more of a white flour-like powder on the fallen leaves.

To stop these problems, constantly lower water your plants. Neem oil might likewise be splashed as a preventative procedure to minimize the emigration of spores on vegetation. In sophisticated instances of downy mold, it might be best to get rid of and also ruin contaminated product to avoid it from infecting close-by healthy and balanced plants. After getting rid of contaminated product, spray neem oil or a fluid copper fungicide onto the rest of the plant and also close-by plants to minimize the danger of more spread.

Regularly Asked Inquiries

Dragon bean leaves
The fallen leaves of the dragon bean are nearly heart-shaped and also lavish. Resource: Puddin Tain

Q: Can you consume winged beans?

A: Yes, the whole winged bean plant is edible consisting of the capsules, seeds leaves, blossoms, and also bulbs.

Q: What is winged bean great for?

A: The premature capsules are scrumptious when paled and also offered in a mix fry. They can be consumed sauteed, steamed, baked, smoked, or fried in a tempura batter. Additionally, winged bean is commonly made use of as a straw for animals. Seeds can be saved and also grown in succeeding years, making it an easily-renewable straw resource.

Q: Are winged beans harmful?

A: No. Fully grown seeds should be prepared for 2-3 hrs to ruin the trypsin prevention and also hemagglutinins that prevent food digestion. Roots can be prepared in this way also or consumed raw. Premature young capsules and also the winged bean blossoms do not need this extensive food preparation procedure and also can be consumed fresh off the plant as raw crisp beans, or can be gently steamed.

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