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Your Complete Information to Understanding Ivy Flower Symbolism

The ivy plant’s shiny leaves and flowers seem all through historical past, climbing by way of the myths of historic Greece and the divine tales of the Druids and up the partitions of the world’s most unique academic establishments. Right here we’ll take you thru every thing you want to find out about ivy flower which means and symbolism, their wealthy historical past and origins, and cultural significance within the language of flowers.

Ultimate Guide to Ivy Flower Meaning, Types, and Uses

Ivy Flowers Symbolism – Key Takeaways

Ivy flower which means within the language of flowers, has a long-held symbolic affiliation with constancy, marriage, and friendship. The Greek god Dionysus and the Roman god Bacchus held ivy’s flowers and deep inexperienced leaves as sacred. To the Druids, ivy vegetation symbolized feminine divinity. As we speak, these quick-growing vines adorn the partitions of institutes of upper studying, offering them with an immediately recognizable symbolic moniker.

Etymological Which means

The Latin time period Hedera comes from the Greek for “to get” or “to know.” In translation, Hedera loosely means “the clinging plant.”

CoIvy Flower Colours and Their Which means

A close up shot of green ivy plant in bloom

Hedera vegetation produce white, inexperienced, or yellow flowers. Within the language of flowers, ivy flowers maintain the symbolic which means of constancy, marriage, and friendship.

The Cultural Significance of Ivy Flowers

To the Historic Greeks and Romans, ivy was an indication of divinity. Dionysus — the Greek god of wine (often known as Bacchus to the Romans) — wove ivy leaves into his wreath. The Greeks believed that sporting ivy leaves on the brow would forestall inebriation.

To the Druids, ivy vegetation symbolized feminine divinity. Later, Christianity morphed this perception into a logo of the Virgin Mary, as within the British Christmas carol “Holly and the Ivy.”

Ivy’s clinging habits and long-lasting foliage that stayed inexperienced by way of the chilly winters led medieval Europeans to make use of the plant as a logo of constancy in marriage. It was usually gifted to newlyweds and new child infants.

To early Christians, evergreen ivy additionally symbolized the everlasting lifetime of the soul. This connection may be seen in work similar to Lorenzo Lotto’s Venus and Cupid.

Throughout the Romantic period of the late 1700s and early 1800s, artists usually depicted gothic ruins lined with clinging ivy. Examples embrace Customer to a Moonlit Churchyard and Netley Abbey by Moonlight.

Within the U.S., the eight unique universities often known as the “Ivy League” are regarded as named for the vines rising up their storied partitions. Many poems and novels use the time period, similar to Salinger’s Catcher within the Rye.

Appropriate Gifting Events

A potted ivy plant sitting on a table

Ivy symbolizes constancy, making it applicable for marriage ceremony or anniversary floral items. It additionally symbolizes the endurance of affection and friendship, so it may be utilized in preparations and bouquets for buddies and family members.

Ivy Flower FAQs: 

What does the Ivy symbolize?

Within the language of flowers, ivy has a long-held symbolic affiliation with constancy, marriage, and friendship.

Is it unfortunate to have ivy in the home?

In occasions previous, ivy introduced indoors was thought-about an omen of impending dangerous fortune. In sensible phrases, Ivy is taken into account a wonderful air-purifying plant and thrives in numerous residing environments.

All ivy vegetation will produce flowers as soon as they attain a mature stage of their development cycle. Most types of ivy bloom in fall or early winter.


With its shiny, enticing foliage, ivy makes a beautiful addition to bouquets and preparations. Within the panorama, Hedera attracts pollinators and feeds birds within the winter, whereas including year-round shade and texture. Ivy’s evergreen, clinging nature makes it a pure image of constancy, love, and friendship.

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