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Your Final Information to Honesty Flowers (Lunaria annua)

Though most flowering crops are extremely valued for his or her enticing contemporary blooms, a couple of have gained reputation for different functions. One instance is the Honesty Flowers. Whereas it’s true that Honesty Flowers crops current a showy show of blooms throughout their flowering interval, these ornamentals acquire extra appreciation for dried flower preparations due to their distinctive flat and rounded seed pods that resemble silver cash or, for others, a full moon. Comply with this information to be taught extra about Honesty Flowers, their origin, in style varieties, colours, that means and symbolism, planting and care suggestions, and extra. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Honesty Flowers (Lunaria annua)

Honesty Flowers: The Necessities:

Frequent Names: Moonwort, Greenback Plant, Silver Greenback, Honesty, Cash Plant, and Lunaria. 
Household: Brassicaceae (Cabbage and Mustard Household)
Genus: Lunaria
Native Vary: Southeastern Europe and Western Asia
Flowering Season: Late spring to early summer time
Botanical Traits: Annual or biennial herbaceous plant with heart-shaped leaves and aromatic, four-petaled flowers that produce flat, silvery-white seed pods.
Colours: The flowers of Lunaria annua are usually purple however will also be white or pink. The seed pods are silvery-white.
Mature Peak: As much as 90 cm (3 toes) tall
Daylight Necessities: Full solar to partial shade
Fertilizing: Lunaria annua shouldn’t be a heavy feeder and doesn’t require a lot fertilizer. If wanted, a balanced, slow-release fertilizer might be utilized in early spring.
Symbolism: The plant is related to honesty, cash, and prosperity. It’s usually utilized in dried flower preparations and is alleged to convey good luck and wealth.

About Honesty Flowers 

About Honesty Flowers 

Honesty flower (Lunaria annua) is a fast-growing herbaceous biennial recognized by many different names reminiscent of Moonwort, Greenback Plant, Silver Greenback, Honesty, Cash Plant, and Lunaria

They belong to the Brassicaceae or the mustard and cabbage household and originated from Europe (central and southern components) to Asia. Every plant usually grows as much as 2 to three ft in peak and spreads as much as 1 to 2 ft when totally mature.

Although recognized popularly for his or her fruits and seed pods, these crops’ flowers are prized as a lot for his or her enticing blooms. Every raceme flower blooms in mid-late spring to early summer time, showcasing 4 petals in pink or deep purple to white shades. The flowers are aromatic and solely about <1 inch in measurement. 

The fruits of honesty flowers usually begin blooming within the mid-summer. The ripe fruit’s outer covers and the seeds fall off to point out paper-thin, flat, rounded, and disc-like seed pods. The pods then turn out to be translucent over time and look much like a full moon. Nonetheless, some describe the looks of the fruits akin to silver cash. 

The easy sort, deciduous leaves, are alternate and reverse in association. They’re medium inexperienced in colour with serrated leaf margins and heart-shaped to broad ovate with pointed suggestions. Leaf hairs are absent, and every leaf measures about 3 to six inches in size and 1 to three inches in width. 

Stems of Lunaria annua are erect, pubescent or furry, inexperienced to burgundy in colour, and branching. 

Popular Honesty Flower Varieties to Grow

Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’

One of the crucial acknowledged sorts of honesty flowers is the Chedglow selection. It showcases spectacular clusters of lilac blooms that fade to deep chocolate seed pods for dried flower preparations. The leaves and stems are each darkish purple. 

Lunaria annua var. albiflora ‘Alba Variegata’

One other well-known sort of honesty flower is the Alba Variegata selection. Not like the Chedglow with lilac flowers, this kind presents a shocking show of white blooms. The center-shaped leaves are distinctive with their irregular, white border. This honesty flower selection is a Royal Horticulture Society’s Award of Backyard Advantage holder. 

Lunaria annua ‘Corfu blue’

This pretty type of honesty plant is among the finest for a lot of, although uncommon and onerous to search out. It originates in an island in Greece known as Corfu and shows purple-blue papery flowers and purple-flushed stems. It begins flowering comparatively sooner than different sorts of honesty flowers.

The Which means & Symbolism of Honesty Flowers

The Meaning & Symbolism of Honesty Flowers

The genus title Lunaria originates from the Latin phrase luna, which interprets to “moon” or “moon-shaped”. It refers back to the form of the seed pods. 

It was believed to be coined “honesty” throughout the sixteenth century. Whereas honesty flowers are often known as silver {dollars} or Chinese language cash, significantly in the USA, it is usually known as the cash plant in South East Asia.

Due to its seed pods’ silvery coin-like look, these crops are known as “Pope’s cash” in France or “papal cash” usually in Europe. In Denmark, honesty flowers are often known as the “cash of Judas” or judaspenge, referring to the favored story of Judas Iscariot and the value he paid for betraying Jesus. 

Honesty Flowers Which means and Symbolism

The title “honesty flowers” itself is a giveaway when it comes to this plant’s that means within the language of flowers, because it represents honesty. Different meanings of the plant embrace sincerity and wealth or cash. 

In folklore, honesty flowers are utilized in spells to guard towards monsters and to draw prosperity. 

Makes use of and Advantages of Honesty Flowers

Uses and Benefits of Honesty Flowers

Honesty flowers are primarily used for dried flower preparations. The pods, particularly, are dried and typically painted for decorations, arts and crafts, and different sorts of preparations. 

The placing and aromatic flowers of the plant entice pollinators like bees, moths, flies, and butterflies.

All plant components are edible. Each the leaves and the flowers of honesty crops are normally added to salads or eaten uncooked. The seeds might be cooked and can be utilized as an alternative to mustard as a consequence of their pungent taste. 

One of many earliest recipes for a hallucinogenic ointment known as flying ointment, which is believed to have been utilized in European witchcraft again within the Early Fashionable interval, contains the Lunaria plant as a part of the natural ingredient. 

The right way to Develop Honesty Flowers 

How to Grow Honesty Flowers 

Honesty flowers might be grown simply from seeds. It’s a fast-growing plant, and as soon as planted, it begins flowering throughout its second yr and self-sows prolifically. Seeds sown in early summer time normally flower the next spring. They are often grown in flower beds or open floor with a distance of 30cm to 60cm between crops. 

When established, the plant requires minimal care and may tolerate drought. It wants partial shade, however full solar or no less than 6 hours of direct daylight every day will do as properly. It grows finest in well-drained, fertile, and barely alkaline soil.

Caring for Honesty Flowers 

Caring for Honesty Flowers 

Honesty flowers are thought-about low-maintenance flowering crops that don’t require slicing again or pruning.

There aren’t any reported severe pests and illnesses of this plant. Honesty flowers are usually pest-free. Nonetheless, they are often invasive as weeds in some areas as they have an inclination to naturalize and self-sow simply. 

Since it’s a part of the Brassicaceae household, these crops might be prone to membership roots, white blisters, and fungal illnesses. 

Inventive Makes use of for Honesty Flowers 

Except for their makes use of in dried flower preparations, these ornamentals are additionally utilized in slicing gardens and shade gardens. In truth, Lunaria is a well-liked cottage backyard plant. It’s glorious for borders, significantly in a spring woodland border plant setup.

Honesty Flower Crafts 

Honesty Flower Crafts 

Those that like do-it-yourself (DIY) craft tasks will certainly adore the flexibility of the seed pods of silver greenback cash or honesty flowers. From silver greenback lamp shades to wreaths, cellular, pressed flower artwork, garlands, and different ornamental items, the craft venture choices are limitless. 

You may simply discover ready-to-use dried and translucent honesty seed heads on-line for any craft venture you bear in mind. With correct care, the dried pods can final for months. 

One of the crucial in style crafts utilizing honesty flowers is a full association of dried pods. Nonetheless, in addition they convey further texture to a mixture of contemporary floral bouquets or different dried flowers.

Honesty Flower FAQs:

What’s the distinction between honesty flowers and different sorts of flowers? 

Different sorts of flowers are largely used as ornamentals for gardens and as reduce flowers for floral preparations. Whereas honesty flowers showcase a shocking bloom of purple to white blooms for comparable capabilities, their seed pods add extra worth to those crops. The plant’s spherical, translucent, and papery disc-like seed pods are a favourite of many for dried flower preparations and dried floral craft tasks.

How lengthy do honesty flowers bloom? 

Honesty flowers begin flowering throughout the second season after sowing. The plant normally flowers from early or mid-spring to early summer time.

What’s the very best local weather for rising honesty flowers? 

Honesty flower thrives properly in areas with both full solar or partial shade. It adapts year-round in most climates, but it surely tends to provide extra flowers in full solar. It’s best to keep away from planting Lunaria annua in excessive scorching or chilly climate situations. 

Can honesty flowers develop in containers or indoors? 

Honesty crops are finest grown outside. You may develop honesty flowers in containers or indoors throughout the early planting course of, ideally weeks earlier than the final frost. However, when established, transplant younger however stronger Lunaria outside for optimum plant progress.

How usually ought to I water my honesty flowers? 

These crops are one of many best ornamentals to develop. Honesty flowers require common watering throughout their energetic progress or growth phases. When the crops are totally established, water solely when the soil is dry at about a couple of centimeters beneath the floor. Watering needs to be carried out early within the morning or late afternoon.

When is the very best time of yr to plant honesty flowers? 

As talked about earlier, honesty flowers are biennials and might be sown anytime in early summer time to spring.

How can I defend my honesty flowers from pests and illnesses?

Like with another plant, offering correct care and preserving honesty flowers wholesome is one of the best ways to fight pests and illnesses. Keep good soil situations, water crops correctly, and preserve the planting space clear and free from weeds. Furthermore, keep away from pointless use of pesticides because the chemical compounds might also kill beneficiary bugs that feed on insect pests.

How can I lengthen honesty flowers’ lifespan after being reduce? 

There are a couple of tricks to lengthen the lifespan of reduce flowers basically, together with honesty reduce flowers. Place them within the water instantly after slicing to stop wilting. Minimize the stems diagonally for quicker water consumption. It’s additionally necessary to maintain the water clear and take away any leaves beneath the water line to stop micro organism from breeding.

Honesty Flowers Information: Wrapping Up 

With the enticing, one-of-a-kind seed pods being the important thing characteristic of honesty flowers, it’s little question that this plant is like no different decorative plant. The gorgeous and aromatic flowers positive add worth to gardens or floral preparations, both contemporary or dried, however the silvery coin-like seed pods are one other successful characteristic. 

Plant care and upkeep are straightforward as properly. Planting honesty flowers gained’t take a lot of your time and vitality, however the crops will nonetheless showcase their beautiful blooms particularly if supplied with the fitting rising situations.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has educated professionally at main floristry faculties in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial crew, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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